Kommuna (updated again)

Posted: 18 October, 2022 by SeaBart in ugly
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IMO : n/a

Build : 1915 by Putilov Shipyard,St.Petersburg in Russia, nr ?? as Volkhov

Refitted : 1950 by Shipyard De Schelde, Vlissingen in the Netherlands

A real golden oldie this one, build in 1915, refitted in 1950 and still going strong. She used to be used to salvage sunken submarines and, if I understood it correctly, as the modern submarines are too heavy & large for her she is still in service supporting submersibles etc. And doesn’t she look strange, odd & weird at the same time?? She looks like she is from another world and to a certain context that is true because I don’t think you can really compare the world during the first WW with the one of nowadays.

This is how she looked when launched:

Almost a 100 year old and still working, and not as a museum ship…….you gotta give it to the oldtimers from then: They knew how to build a vessel that would last! although if you told them that the ship would still be there after 100 years they would probably think you are mad as a hatter.

But she does look weird, odd, strange and ugly as well…..

Update (15-04-2010)

Today Alex S. send me another tip, about the Kommuna. Thanks for that Alex but unfortunately that particular ugly vessel has been featured here in July 2009. But you did send me some pics I hadn’t seen yet. Please see below!

Dunno source, via http://www.strategypage.com

Dunno source, via http://www.strategypage.com

From the articles Alex send me I’ve just found out that this is actually the oldest still serving navy vessel in the whole wide world. Click here on Strategypage.com for a small article about her. Still: being the oldest doesn’t mean she is relieved of her Ugly Ships Notation. It can just be added to her list of achievements, something to be proud of.

Dunno source, via http://warfare.ru

Update (18-10-2022):

YouTuber Calum made a 48 minute mini documentary about the Kommuna, it’s very interesting, watch it HERE on the Tube of You.

  1. fooman2008 says:

    one shouldn’t let your eight year old with an erector set help redesign the ship….

  2. bowsprite says:

    They could grow grapes, bottle the wine, and call it Côte du Kommuna.

  3. Seafire says:

    Reminds me of the USS Cyclops… I guess it’s the crane system

  4. pglider says:

    This monumental and strange vessel be moored in Sevastopol, Ukraine for now. She looks so weird because used for lifting and repairing submarines. She has a unique feature: (in 21 century of course) her hull completely riveted without welded elements, and she still water proof! 🙂 I’m living in Sevastopol, and as I know, she infrequently using for maintenance small submersible (bathyscaphes etc.).

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