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SeaBart is offshore again!

Posted: 4 November, 2009 by SeaBart in information

uglyships-logo.jpgSeaBart is offshore again!

Hello readers!

As you possibly have determined from above title I have swapped (more…)


Aeria featured on Maritime Monday

Posted: 19 October, 2009 by SeaBart in personal
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Aeria Featured on Maritime Monday

Aeria, the vessel which has no known history and which has become a bit of a pet-project for me has been featured in “Maritime Monday 183” on the very brilliant website, compiled by mr Fred Fry.

Thanks a million Fred, now let’s hope somebody will come back with some information.

See the original post HERE.

An important message!

Posted: 2 August, 2009 by SeaBart in personal


An Important message from Me

Hello you all!!

As you may have noticed the updating of this site hasn’t been very regular lately……well, that’s because I was a bit busy with all kinds of things, and it’s gonna continue for a while as I’m going offshore again,now and then, for short stints, playing with boats, taming the sea, harassing the crew and all the other things I have to do to make a bit of money.

So please keep coming back and I’ll try to do the same as well.

All the best & the rest,


Oh: and don’t forget Uglyships is on Facebook as well!!

Oh 2: I also Twitter now!! is now on Facebook

Posted: 6 July, 2009 by SeaBart in personal
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logo_facebook is also doing Social Networking and can now be found on Facebook, we have just started a Fan-page where you, your girl/boy-friend, your mother & father and/or your family-pet can pledge your everlasting fondness & devotion to this great site.

Please click HERE to be whisked to over there and sign up, the more the merrier and who knows what might happen in the near future.

See you on the blue side!

Back Offshore

Posted: 7 March, 2009 by SeaBart in information


As I’m pretty busy in the offshore bizznizz again for the next couple of weeks (doing the last trip for my current employer) it might happen that the daily update isn’t as daily as you are used to, for the same duration of time. My humble apologies for that but feel free to donate money to relieve me of my time consuming duties at sea so the above situation can be resolved.

Crashed Laptop (updated)

Posted: 20 February, 2009 by SeaBart in information
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Due to a severely crashed laptop (Sjit, Sjit, Sjit, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!) with my archive & all the rest of my life and not having regular access to our beloved interweb the postings on this website might perhaps happen be a bit irregular, now & then, possibly.

Oh: The laptop is now in the hands of the experts and I’m awaiting its faith.

Update (26-02-2009)

Good news: we are back in bizznizz (almost), Laptop is fixed, data is recovered and all I need to do now is re-install all my software & download all my data.

With great thanx & utmost respect for the crew of the Apple Store in Liverpool for their fantastic service, assistance  & knowledge!! U Rock!!



Happy Newyear!!

Posted: 31 December, 2008 by SeaBart in information


As you may have noticed there was not much to do here yesterday….the satellite communication here on board was troubled by a veryveryvery late millenium-bug kind of thingy. A technician was send to the ship as soon as possible and he did his wizardy kind of things! We are back online again!

And now the poor guy has to stay o/b instead of traveling back to his family: no flights available till the 2nd of January!

But thanks to him a fresh Ugly Ship has been posted and I can wish you:

A Very Happy & Prosperous 2009!!

Have fun on the party tonight and be careful with fireworks!

See you back here in 2009!

Posts top something

Posted: 31 December, 2008 by SeaBart in information


Posts top something

The end of the year is near, and the time between Christmas and New year is the traditional (more…)

Merry X-mas

Posted: 24 December, 2008 by SeaBart in personal


To all the worldwide readers of this website:


for you, your loved ones, your family & friends.

Have a wonderful few days!

Going off to the Offshore

Posted: 10 December, 2008 by SeaBart in personal


Hello you!

As I’m back on board of the “Workhorse of the North Sea” it might happen that I can’t upload a daily post…I’m sorry for that but I’m probably extremely busy at the moment; working, doing stuff, being harassed by others, etc, etc, or there is another unexpected & undisclosed reason. So please come back tomorrow, or the day after because one of these days a new & fresh Ugly Ship will appear here again.

And if there is a new one: Enjoy!!


Martha & Justine

Posted: 6 December, 2008 by SeaBart in information

Picture from own archives

Martha & Justine

This is not one of my Ugly-ships post, this is just a shameless plug!! Are you still in need of a nice & special present for a friend who is interested in ships / boats / vessels etc etc?? Then keep on reading. (more…)

Uglyships featured on gCaptain

Posted: 4 December, 2008 by SeaBart in information

uglyships-logo3 is the subject in a blogpost on

You can find it HERE.

Thanx for the attention guys!, its appreciated!

BTW: I really like your tagline (Featuring Rustbuckets & “Modern” Paintjobs”)

Beautifull ships

Posted: 26 November, 2008 by SeaBart in personal
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I guess your attention has been pulled by the title of this post? A post about beautifull ships on a website dedicated to Ugly ships?

Yup…but not the way you think!

To quote a (more…)

The very first one

Posted: 24 November, 2008 by SeaBart in personal


Hello World!!

Here is my very first step on the surface of the Interweb, a small step for me, a giant leap for mankind!

I’ll try to post a new ugly ship every day but I’m not promising it…I sometimes have other activities that keep me occupied. Also the Daily Maritime Newsclipping by Piet Sinke will be posted daily, but the above goes for them as well.

Please scroll down, enjoy my ramblings on here and spread the word!

And be sure to navigate through the buttons above.

Grtz, have fun & be good!