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Build  : ??

Have you ever been to the Kanmon Strait also known as 関門海峡, Kanmon Kaikyō or the Straits of Shimonoseki?? It is in Japan and it is the stretch of water separating two of Japan’s four main islands. And it is a beautiful area to be in, loads of fantastic views and from a professional opinion: a very interesting and busy area to pilot a vessel in.

And now they got a sight seeing vessel roaming the area to let tourists enjoy the views. But damn, did they screw up with the design of that one or not?? Usually Japanese designs are a bit weird anyway but this one does top them all!

Dunno source, via the Interwebs

Unfortunately not much pictures but from the ones on this page you can complete the picture in your head!

Dunno source, via the Interwebs

This is the one and only thing you must be glad for that you never have been to the Kanmon Kaikyō.

  1. bowsprite says:

    they DID screw it up–they should have made it a rotating cabin!!

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