Platypus Amphibious Jeep

Posted: 6 October, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Platypus Amphibious Jeep

While searching the webs for a suitable platypus picture to be used in the last post I stumbled upon this odd-looking creation…not the type of platypus I was looking for but indeed a very good subject for another post, that’s this one then!

We have seen a good number of floating cars and busses here on the site and all of them were not really pleasing to the eye…to say the least…and this one is no exemption.

I especially like the little oars on both sides of the vehicle…like you can do something with them when a car/boat of 2 tons (!) has lost its propulsion. Good Luck mate!

The company also has other amphibious vehicles, all looking a bit odd and defenitely ugly!

Amphibious ChinaDuck

(Love the name!!!)

JMC Amphibious Pickup

JMC Amphibious Jeep

Baiyun Amphibious Jeep

  1. Boyd Wyatt says:

    I am the original designer of this vehicle. It was the first prototype of the new Platypus. The vehicle was a heavy modification of the chinese model based on a Russian GAZdesign . Gull wing doors, instead of canvas cover and below waterline side doors. It performed very well in swells up to 2 mtrs . I Was out when boats up to ten metres were nervous and it was adequate off road . What most boaties (and im one ) dont get is that with a very l.c.g it is virtualy impossible to capsize . With the gull wing doors hatched it could be fully submerged for short periods. Its an amphibious vehicle , not a boat or a car , its a separate genre. The new vehicle that is now going through federal compliance is all composite , jet powered and a great performer on and off water. The basics of this model were sound but engineering and weight let it down . It is still in daily use and has never foundered 6 years later. nyah nyah bowsprite. Not fast but if water cant get in it will not sink. Designed to get you home safe. Again , im out when other craft are on their trailers. Regards ….. Boyd Wyatt . Beauty and function seldom coincide, but you have functional beauty just the same.

  2. Boyd Wyatt says:

    Further note, most amphibs got bad press for one reason . Read the accident reports and in every case some idiot left the draining bungs / cocks open in the vehicle prior to immersion . Duh, My solution , no bungs or apertures close to water line. The new model has a kick ass bilge pump that has not come on once in 4 years of on water usage . It only comes on when I hose out the inside . I have detected a strange hostility from a section of the boating (conservative ) community, even to the point of describing the journey of “Half Safe” , one of the greatest adventure stories ever as a “circus trick” by some venerable old salt . How disingenuous is that. I have designed one amphib , and about 50 marine vessels of varying sizes , hulls and materials. They are all improvements on current designs and push the industry forward. Those that can do , those that can’t teach and those that can’t do either criticise. I listen to my peers not the nay sayers .

  3. If you want to see the granddaddy of all amphibious jeeps…one that encircled the globe and made the Guinness Book of World Records…go to and in the Books category type in ONCE A FOOL! – From Japan to Alaska by Amphibious Jeep. The famous HALF-SAFE jeep is on the front cover of the book. That’s me standing on the jeep, while it was being pulled ashore on Shemya Island in the Aleurtain chain….our first landfall after leaving Japan. This extraordinary event took place in 1957! Took precisely 4 monts to go from Tokyo to Anchorage, Alaska.

  4. Re my comment about the HALF-SAFE amphibious jeep, that’s “4 months”….not 4 monts… at my age, 84, it is easy to make typos!!!!

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