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Ugly Ships….The Website

There are millions and millions of ships, vessels, boats, barges, floating contraptions and UFO’s* out there. and probably each of them is photographed somewhere, sometime, somehow by somebody. A lot of those pictures end up on the interweb on various websites run by people who spend enormous amounts of time (if not their life) indexing them and publishing information about them. Sometimes even following “their” ships worldwide to get that a picture that they didn’t have yet: probably where the ship is entering / docking / mooring / crashing / departing in a unknown shitheap of a port in a far-away country. In the same time ruining their family’s holiday because (usually) daddy needs to sit 24/7 @ the waterfront to make sure he gets what he thinks he wants.
And in the end the aforementioned picture is indistinguishable from all the other pictures out there, or somebody else beat him to it.

I’m guilty…..guilty of visiting these websites…..getting information about ships that I have seen during my work and captured my interest for some reason (Yes: another confession: I’m a seafarer, I work @ ships). And yet another confession: (what is this: church???) I always bring my camera when I’m going to a vessel and I do take pics and upload them to various sites. There, you got it: I do it to! (but I definitely prefer to do it when behind the glas on a warm & comfy bridge of a vessel).

What struck me is that there are websites for ships whatsoever, for cargo ships, for offshore vessels, for cruise ships, for tugs, for unlucky ships, for new ships, for old ships, for scrapped ships, for crashed ships, for tankers, bulkers, containercarriers, warships, peace-ships, ships being build, heavy lift ships, crane barges, a combination of the above, (the ultimate: a crashed & sunken then scrapped, con-ro-pax-bulker, used by the navy, semi-submersible & with a hugh crane ;-D ).

The only thing that I missed was a website for Ugly Ships, ships that make you look twice and still go “WTF??”, those ships.
Now I know; Some people think that there are no beautiful ships in the world so all ships are per definition ugly, I don’t necessarily disagree but there are ships out there that are pleasing to the eye, robust, though. The bulk of the ships is bland, normal, just a alteration from a once set template.
And then you have the UGLY SHIPS, ships where the designer had an off-day or off-month, the monday morning ships, where the monday was preceded by 6 months of drinking & drugs-abuse by said designer. Ships that started off as beautiful, well-thought designs and are then fucked up by alterations in a later stadium. Ships that are later converted, lengthened, widened, altered……..Ships that make a sailor be ashamed to sail them.

Although I have to admit that I have respect for the sales-people who manage to sell these ugly designs or the complete ships to the customers…………

There are people that say that all cruise-ships are ugly, all modern ships are ugly, all tugs are ugly and so-on…..the only parameter is my personal opinion; If I find them ugly enough they deserve a place and get eternal honor on this website.

And during my voyages over the oceans and over the various ship-related websites on this world I found not only ugly ships but also other ships that stood out because they were different, strange, odd, funny, unusual, had a bad paintjob or no paintjob at all…..these ships will also be featured here as they will also make you look twice and go: WTF?!?!.

So that’s what this website is all about: UGLY SHIPS. Go on and be horrified! And have fun at the same time.

Oh; and sometimes vessels might come up that are not so ugly, the socalled “non-ugly”-vessels….these are meant as an antidote to the ugly majority, to show you that there are actually ships out there that are not an eyesore, where designers have tried to be esthetically and pleasing to the eye. Enjoy them as well.

*Unidentified Floating Objects

  1. Want a ugly ship?

    Spotted on honeymoon last year.
    Publish if you like.

  2. Grumpy young man says:

    I think that you’re a ******

    Caus half the pictures on this site are just everyday ships and nothing ugly.

    Go get a life instead of this ***** ****.

  3. seabart says:

    Thank you for your kind comment, I think the same about you to.

  4. tugster says:

    bart- you’re magnetic personality and compelling site gets you lots of fan mail. do you pay a staff to write this fan mail?

  5. seabart says:

    Thank Will…No, I couldn’t find one that had the same opinion about the site as the one above…..

  6. Victor M. says:

    As I said before, give me one ship that you do not consider ugly. Its easy to yell ugley, and all you’ve done is yell ugley. Give me one ship that you do not consider ugley.

  7. Victor M. says:

    What ship do you consider beautiful?

  8. seabart says:

    To quote a colleague of mine: there are no beautiful ship, only women can be beautiful…..the exceptions are sinking ships and ships on fire! He does likes his job though ;-D

    I prefer to class them as non-ugly: for examples see below links or click on the “non-ugly”-tag in the tag-cloud.


    or try the “Cute”-tag in the tag-cloud.

  9. Victor M. says:

    I’ve said this before. Form follows function. If you truely believe that ships are nothing more than a tool to do the job that you have taken on, how can they be ugly? There are no ugly tools, only ugly jobs.

  10. Fairlane says:

    So, if all people are designed to be a person, then there should be no supermodels or movie stars that are more beautiful than the average person? People are things, just as ships or jobs or tools or beliefs are things, and I’m pretty sure I can think of something in each category that’s uglier in relative terms than the rest.

  11. Jakeman says:

    The exceptions to no beatifull ships are that the only beatiful ships are those that are sinking or are on fire?? Is that what you and your colleague believe?

  12. Jakeman says:

    I agree with Fairlane, there is always something that is uglier than the next best example. But before you tell us what is ugly, should you not tell us what you consider beatiful? Everything is relitive. But it seems that all ships are ugly as far as you and your colleague are concerened, unless they are sinking or on fire. Really?

  13. StuartG says:

    Must dash – my cocoa is getting cold – see You again

  14. Tom Kelly says:

    The most interesting thing about this site is how some people get their knickers in a twist about the mere IDEA of an ugly boat.

    There are ugly cars, ugly building, ugly people, ugly insects, ad infinitum. Why not ugly boats?

    Years ago, I owned an ugly boat, a 30-footer. It was an early fiberglass sloop with a very tall cabin, narrow beam and very low freeboard. It was brown. Trust me: it was really, really ugly.

    The vessel, if you could call it that, was more than ugly. It was also dysfunctional. It had a tall mast and huge sail area, so swamping was a routine occurrence in rough seas. The motor would always start right up in the dock, but was impossible to ignite once we’d left port.

    Now THAT was an ugly boat.

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  16. 2A/E says:

    this has got to be the dumbest blog I’ve seen in a while

  17. StuartG says:

    Dear 2A/E,
    Ref Yours of 13th inst. @15.18
    Your observation may explain why I like this so much.
    I look forward to further enlightening, and at times, humourous
    epistles from You good self.
    Hope You find this enlightening,
    Yours faithfully,

  18. seabart says:

    @ 2A/E: this must be the most silly name I have ever seen.

    @ StuartG: thanx!

  19. Joy says:

    Came across this site as I was searching for AL KUWAIT and was surprised to see my own photo of my favourite ship.
    I’m not sure that I agree that she is an “ugly ship”.

  20. Gladson Ariel says:

    Your imagination about ugly is only by hanging a cam around your neck and clicking photos, what makes you think a vessel is ugly or beautiful just by viewing inside the lens of the cam, check on the other angles of its sea worthiness of a so called ugly ship.

  21. SeaBart says:

    @ Gladson Ariel,

    My opinion as a professional seafarer makes me judge whether the ships look ugly or not…..for me personal that counts as valid & enough.

  22. P. says:

    I thought it was fun reading, whether I agree with you or not, it made me laugh though 🙂
    Saw my pics of the Jascon 5.


  23. SeaBart says:

    And you laughing is my best reward…….Thanx for the pic! ;-D

  24. hurghaman says:

    Yes SeaBart, you are absolutely right THERE ARE UGLY SHIPS!!
    Especially at least 90% of the recently build cruise ships should have their designers shot for incompetence – in addition to paying ridiculous amounts of compensation for the poor people on shore who are forced to look at it and taking high risk of eye cancer.

  25. Just found this site by chance and loved the philosophical debate about the notion of beauty! As a child I developed a strong sense of what constituted a beautiful ship/yacht/boat by drawing and inventing them. Later I trained as naval architect thinking I might be able to design a ‘beautiful’ ship like the QE2. After 10 years helping to design and build monsters of the deep I gave up and went back to art.
    At art school I discovered Edmund Burke’s 18th century essay on beauty in the ‘Age of Reason’ and have discovered that over the centuries a sense of proportion and grace as well as simplicity are often seen as defining characteristics of beauty in design and art. No reason why this shouldn’t apply to ships too. The notion of classical beauty was turned on its head by artists at the end of the 19th century, Picasso being a particularly provocative example, and I think he would have appreciated the quirky democracy of Uglyships.com.
    So too would the teachers at the Bauhaus in Weimar in the 1920s who felt on the whole that form should indeed follow function ( Brunnel did it earlier with the Great Eastern) and if maximising profit is the function then of course we get the Costa Concordia and the QE class aircraft carriers.
    Not my sense of good design though which not only should meet the functional design criteria but should have a sense of style and proportion like a Dragon class yacht, a 50s Blue Funnel Line general cargo ship or a stretched Type 42 destroyer.
    The aesthetics of ship design are to some extent a reflection of the style of our time- often brash!

  26. […] alle soorten schepen, bootjes; vracht, speed, ferries, funbootjes etc. Daarom nu aandacht voor het Lelijke Schip. Ugly ships is zo groot, daar kun je in verdwalen. De maker (met altijd een camera binnen […]

  27. Steph says:

    I really hate modern ships cuz they’re really hideous disgusting stupid looking and 10000% ugly!

  28. […] De BBC interviewde Rebecca Gomperts, arts en schipper van Women on waves..##-..Wat doen we met de ugly ships van deze wereld..?..##..Bommen opsporen onder water leer je van dolfijnen.. ##..Blauwe energie uit […]

  29. Nils says:

    How could anyone say that there are no beautiful ships/boats in the world?! There are many beautiful Cargo ships, Fishing boats, Offshore vessels and even a few good looking cruise ships(Eventhough i find most cruise ships hideous).
    I also don’t get the people who hate on modern ships, there are many beautiful cargo ships built in the 2000’s, especially the dutch ones

  30. KoolGuy8039 says:

    @hurghaman “Especially at least 90% of the recently build cruise ships should have their designers shot for incompetence”

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