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This site may contain witty banter, sarcastic remarks, large amounts of irony, humour and non-serious comments. Please be aware and proceed with caution.

If you are allergic to any of the above then please refrain from viewing and/or reading.

If you don’t know whether you suffer from an aversion to the above or not, please look it up in a dictionary or go see your doctor.

No responsibility is accepted for hurt feelings and/or angry outbursts.

  1. Victor M. says:

    Havn’t seen the witty banter so far.

  2. T. Roberts says:

    Typical Square Head Humor!

  3. SeaBart says:

    You must be the funniest!

  4. Kashiwazaki says:

    Everyone has their opinions and your website reflects your own opinion.
    Therefore I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to just rag all over your opinions.
    You may find ships I like as being ugly, but though that will not affect my tastes even a bit, indeed I respect what you think.
    Anyone with a fairly decent mentality never crosses this line, and those who do, well, they need some psychiatric help… xD
    I am Kashiwazaki, a papercraft designer who just entered the ship papercraft ‘territory’ since early last year, and now counting a fairly varied series of ship models; while visiting your website, I might just come across one or more ships you find ugly, but I think would look interesting or good as papercraft models.
    It obviously doesn’t affect neither you or me negatively: this is proof of good mentality and even enriching experiences between us.
    There is it, thanks for reading my ‘long, boring’ comment… xD

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