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Picture by Andrew Lester via


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Picture by Gena Anfimov via

Picture by Gena Anfimov via

Thanks to DD for another splendid tip!

On the 24th of November in 2008, now more than 13 years ago this site was started by myself by posting the first Ugly Vessel. A lot has happened since then, not only on here but also in my life, and in the world.

And this very post is number 1000, quite a milestone…….Wow!

I didn’t know or expect it would go on for this long.

I have no idea how many vessels have been posted in all this time, it must be many more as a lot of posts contained more than one vessel.
If someone wants to count: please feel free to do so! But do please share the result.

The (and I quote from that first post) “very first Official Ugly Ship, the one that started this all” was the tug Battleaxe, see that post (later updated a bit) here.

And I thought I’d do a bit of an update on the Battleaxe so I’ve been looking all over the interwebs and the most recent picture I found was on Marinetraffic:

Picture by Rutger Hofma via

This one is from 08-07-2019, now almost three years ago….

The vessel actually still exist, which is quite an accomplishment these days, especially since it’s build in 1978, now 44 years ago. According to it’s still floating around somewhere in Lagos. And looking at the above picture the vessel doesn’t look in a too bad condition.

Is there anyone that can provide me/us with a more up to date picture?

After all the Battleaxe and this site are kinda connected………

Thanks for all your attention, clicks, tips, encouragement and all the other ways you’ve interacted with me, that’s enough babbling for now, let’s get started with the next 1000!

INFAMIS – IMO 9178745

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Picture by Keith Goldie via

Wally WHY200

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Picture by Richard

Thanks to Richard for the spotting, the picture and the tip.

To me this one is not so much ugly as more …uhm…interesting looking.

More info can be found here:

Cristo Rey

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More info here (in spanish) here.

Inverness Boat

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Art by Jay Nelson

More work of Jay Nelson can be found on his website.

Little Truck cabin tug

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The original article (in Swedish) is HERE (or click on the pic) translated to english via Google HERE and the for sale advert with more pics HERE.

Many thanks to Henrik L for the find & the tip!

Unknown cute US Navy tuggie

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Found on the Interwebs


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Picture by Roar Jensen via


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Picture via the interwebs


Picture via the interwebs

#clever #friendly #couldlookbetter #friendlyface #interesting #innovative


John J. Harvey

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Picture by Will van Dorp via

#wow #quiteaspectaculairpaintjob #razzledazzle #Ilikethat

Google “Tauba Auerbach flow separation” for more info, or click here.


Some more Razzle-Dazzle art ships (that I really like):

The “Snowdrop”, a ferry on the River Mersey (to start an earwurm: click here):

Picture by Barry Graham via


And the Fingal, a ‘boatique’ hotel in Leith:

Picture by sjmackay_1972 via


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Picture by colon-dash via

Picture by colon-dash via

Baltika – IMO 9649237

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More info here on Wikipedia.

PRELUDE – IMO 9648714

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Picture by lapino via

Picture by lapino via

A true Monster of the Seas, more info here.

An artists impression of the finished product:

Picture via the Interwebs.

Picture via the Interwebs.