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  1. very nice site

    please send your Tug/Offshore vessels to

    regards Johnny vd velde

  2. decatoire says:

    loke the reverse bow goldbar


    We want to know the e.mail of Mr. Rachid Fares to send him a message from Hans’s family.

    Thank you very much.

  4. benjamin says:

    señora maricela disculpe con todo repeto me llamo benjamin gomez estrella y soi hijo de Rolando Gomez Gonzales a quien usted ya lo conose con el otivo si usted me diera la opurtunidad de trabajar con usted para apoyarme con mis estudios
    disculpe las molestias

  5. SeaBart says:

    Sorry mate : no work opportunities here!

  6. ali says:

    Dear sir,
    my name is barkat ali from swat my father name is fazal mabood.he was missing on dannyfii ship.only one person is my father for work my faimly.konw he was i need for job in the now ship.please give me faimly are going so bad situation.i hope you give me chance thanks

  7. SeaBart says:

    And again: Sorry mate : no work opportunities here!

  8. Big Dope says:

    Dude – the Ponce Class Ships built by Sun Shipbuilding in the 1970s (WESTWARD VENTURE and GREAT LAND) are anything but ugly.

    Remember…. FORM follows FUNCTION.

    Those ships made a lot of money for their owners in their life time.

  9. abid says:

    I am abid from father are missing still missing on mv dannfii ship.oohhhh no sleeping no eating every night thinking of the missing crew.thete have 3year complet but no meet full informatin to us.way silent this world?i meet the one old person there have one son of his man.he is death this ship.he was very crying to me.he told me way no meet to us.i requst to mr.thomus please open your eyes for poor ship missing and death crew.oneday we are want,s to you justice but his time your hands is empty.becuse we are come to world empty hands and going to empty hands.after the big court of God.his time your hands was empty we are want to justice.thanks

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