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Picture by Gena Anfimov via

Picture by Gena Anfimov via

Thanks to DD for another splendid tip!



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Giraffe spotted!

Picture by Fin Rune Jensen via AMA – Andros Maritime Association Facebook page


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Picture by Brodovi via

BLUE SHIP – IMO 9381990

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Picture by Sisko111 via


Picture by Jackosan via

Apparently operating as “The Full Moo” ;-D

but, all the humouring aside: what a brilliant idea. And I like the name.


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Picture by Roar Jensen via


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Picture via the interwebs


Picture via the interwebs

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BOXY LADY – IMO 9108386

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Picture by Salvador de la Rubia via

A2V-25-CB Clémentine

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Some moving images (AKA video):

And it’s smaller sister:

PIcture via A2V Facebook

Although the vessels looks will divide opinion I am very impressed by the technology and the advanced science that has gone into the design & building of this vessel: read more HERE.

Many thanks to Berber M. for passing on the tip for this vessel!

Picture by Erwin Willemse via

Picture by Erwin Willemse via

A regular vessel but a very unfortunate name: Shiner.

Same-ish goes for the “Woolloomoolloo” – IMO 9584499…it sounds just a bit..uhm.. weird. (Woolloomoolloo is a suburd of Sydney)

Picture by Ruud & Marcel Coster via

Picture by Marcel & Ruud  Coster via

SVS Avery – IMO 9664744

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