Who is Who


stiggiemanSeabart: the instigator of this ugly site.

Male, dutch, married, living in Liverpool.

Halfways 30’s & sometimes still a bit immature.

Crazy about cars, likes Lego & comics.

Thinks Discworld is real and would like to have a real copy of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Working as a Master / Sr-DPO on a multi-purpose offshore support vessel.

Moonlights as The Stig.

Wanna know more or do you have a nice job for me?? Drop me a line on: seabart

Fairlane: valued contributor to this site.

Wanna know more or have any wedding proposals?? Drop him a line on:

Fairlane uglyships

  1. SeaDee says:

    So will the next Stig be orange boilersuit stig?

  2. LandKat says:

    zo maar ge-emigreerd??

  3. cool sitename man)))

  4. Remy says:

    is dat….?
    van de ..?
    bahrain egerns in de carib…?


  5. seabart says:

    Yup it is I: Bart, van de Justine, Bahrain – Trinidad…..goeie ouwe tijd! Groeten terug!!

  6. […] The top three photos in this post come thanks to Kyle Stubbs, who has contributed photos here before, not to mention many photos on uglyships, which is how we first met.   He’s not Seabart. […]

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