Who is Who


stiggiemanSeabart: the instigator of this ugly site.

Male, dutch, married, living in Liverpool.

Halfways 30’s & sometimes still a bit immature.

Crazy about cars, likes Lego & comics.

Thinks Discworld is real and would like to have a real copy of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Working as a Master / Sr-DPO on a multi-purpose offshore support vessel.

Moonlights as The Stig.

Wanna know more or do you have a nice job for me?? Drop me a line on: seabart

Fairlane: valued contributor to this site.

Wanna know more or have any wedding proposals?? Drop him a line on:

Fairlane uglyships

  1. SeaDee says:

    So will the next Stig be orange boilersuit stig?

  2. LandKat says:

    zo maar ge-emigreerd??

  3. cool sitename man)))

  4. Remy says:

    is dat….?
    van de ..?
    bahrain egerns in de carib…?


  5. seabart says:

    Yup it is I: Bart, van de Justine, Bahrain – Trinidad…..goeie ouwe tijd! Groeten terug!!

  6. […] The top¬†three photos in this post come thanks to Kyle Stubbs, who has contributed photos here before, not to mention many photos on uglyships, which is how we first met. ¬† He’s not Seabart. […]

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