Posted: 2 August, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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IMO : n/a

Build : not yet…..

These renderings of a new superyacht-design have been flooding the internet for quit a while now, into such an extent that even non-yachties & landlubbers are taking notice and I have been trying to ignore them since. But now I can;t avoid them anymore, also because I received a few tips about them (Thanks Gary, Bonnie & all the others) so now I just have to bring forward my opinion about her…….And knowing me you already know the verdict: Ugly, ugly as sin, ugly as killing the magnificent creatures this “thing” is loosely based on.

Oculus bow


I actually hope that these rendering are only made as a showcase of the designer. to put him into the spotlight and create some publicity to get more money towards his account. And if they are for real then I sincerely hope that the present “crisis” is sabotaging the actual build of this contraption. But, saying the above: I also realize that the people who like this design and are rich enough to afford a yacht like this are not really influenced by this socalled “crisis”…..so prepare to see one in your local rich men’s marine in the near future.


I do wonder how the real whales would react to this…..would it confuse them?? Would they laugh their (imaginary) socks off. Would they run (swim) away in horror complaining about the neighborhood sliding downhill??

Anyway: the designer also put another brain-fart on paper: The Infintas superyacht:



And all the above also goes for this floating infinity symbol………can somebody please steal the pencils & mousepad from this designer??

  1. Kyle says:

    I like any designer willing to try something new/different. Sure it might not be for everyone, but I like it. I don’t like everything about either ship, and I like the Oculus more than the Inifinitas, but overall it shows me a designer who is unique and creative.

    Instead of writing a blog dedicated to crapping on someone else’s design why don’t you design your own ship? For that matter … how many ships HAVE you designed? I’m not dumping on you, I’m just saying it’s a lot easier to crap on someone else’s ideas than it is to have your own, and “ugly” is such a subjective criteria to categorize anything.

  2. seabart says:

    Believe me, you don’t want me designing something, I would be this site’s biggest victim! And as a non-creative person I have incredible respect for people who actually can put something coherent on (digital) paper but that doesn’t mean automatically that I have to like it.

    I do accept Ugly as being a very subjective criteria, but as said in the “about”-page: it is my own personal opinion that is the measure here.

    And: I can’t lay eggs either but I sure can establish whether they are rotten or not. ;-D

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