Typhoon (updated 15-06-2011)

Posted: 15 June, 2011 by SeaBart in ugly
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IMO : 7515365

Build : 1976 by Scheepswerf Van der Giessen-De Noord, Alblasserdam in the Netherlands, nr 907

I won’t be making friends within the tug-loving department when I officially announce this vessel and her sister Tempest as an Official Ugly Ship! But then: making friends wasn’t my prime goal when I started this site. Anyway: this vessel & her sister are a bit of a legend within the (Dutch) tug-world but that doesn’t make her less ugly. In the beginning when she was still owned by Wijsmuller she was painted black which made her ugliness a bit less apparent.

I have no idea what the purpose of the box-thingy on the bow is but it might have been some kind of pushing bow??

Here are some pics of her sister Tempest (IMO : 7515377):

The funny thing is that the design of these vessels, although quite ugly, is soo well thought through and thought off that it is still used nowadays, without too many changes!

As seen here on the tug Port Said (IMO : 9305984), build in 2003, 27 years later as the original design!!

And then there are the tugs from Harms Bergung, some pictured below:

Magnus (IMO : 9344966), build 2006

Taurus (IMO : 9344978), build 2007

Janus (IMO : 9367504), build 2007

This one actually shows the biggest change to the 30-year old design: the bridge is widened to stretch from Stb-side to Port-side.

More here : Harms Bergung

Update (15-06-2011)

2 more vessels of this design have surfaced: the Fairplay 32 (Ex-Oceanus – IMO 9476018) & the Fairplay 33 (ex-Aeolus – IMO 9476006). Both initially build for Harms Bergung but taken over during the build by Fairplay.

Fairplay 33

As I haven’t found any pics of the Fairplay 32 yet we have to do with the ones from nr 32 but I’m pretty certain that there won’t be much difference between them. As you can see from the above pics the traditional Fairplay-blue doesn’t do these ugly ones any favors as well. For viewing purposes it was best sticking with the black………

  1. Pete says:

    Tempest and Typhoon were not pretty but as tugs they revolutionised the North Sea AHT market. Both were on long term charter to Shell, (Tempest’s lasted 20 years!) but their ugliness belied their capabilities. The “boxy thing” was put on to maneouvre and push the large concrete production platforms from dry docks to deep sites and finally onto location for which the two T’s were unbeatable. They were so good that Shell regularly let them off-contract to go and perform amazingly difficult tasks at the request of other competitor oil companies. Ugly – yes, but wow, what tugs! I spent many happy projects working with their extremely proficient and friendly crews.

  2. seabart says:

    I knew that and mentioned it in the post. And probably that’s why Shell then hired the Magnus for a year….and got disappointed! Just proves that the crew makes the vessel!

  3. Geoff says:

    Typhoon and Tempest were much in demand for working with laybarges back in the 80s. Because they were so small with short afterdecks, and plenty of power, they were quick and manoevrable and easily able to keep up with an efficient pipelay operation. The 2 tugs were also part of the operation to tow out the Statfjord B platform in 1981. Their lack of freeboard made them very wet on deck. They certainly looked better in Wijsmuller colours and looked squat and purposeful. They didn’t have the square bows in those days, and it is that which spoils their appearance.

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