Jascon 27

Posted: 30 December, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Jascon 27

IMO : 8636180

Build : 1979 by Gotaverken Finnboda A/B – Göteborg in Sweden, nr  409 as Balder Scapa

Me and my colleagues sometimes joke that being at sea is the same as being in prison, except with less luxury & privileges…..Well: here is the ugly truth: This exuberantly painted accommodation barge used to be a prison and when the living conditions were judged too harsh she was sold to an offshore company for the housing of offshore-workers.

She has been used (among other things): as a troop and workmen accommodation in the Falkland Islands, as a Drug Rehab Centre and moored on the Hudson River and (as said before) as Britains first and last floating prison. Nowadays she is used as an offshore accommodation barge. I personally wouldn’t wanna set foot on it!

And offcourse she is as ugly as sin, I rather not have to work close to her as well!


  1. Jon Gale says:

    Certainly not “Britains first & last floating prison”. The UK has been using floating prisons certainly since the wars with France in the 18th century.

  2. Albert van der Hoek says:

    Hey all, the J27 might be an ugly barge, but it has been totally renewed and has nothing left of a prison, how do I know that, cause I was part of the team, supervising and organizing the modification.

    I could mention some of the goodies it has, but hey why don’t you have a look on the sea Trucks website.

    But it does look ugly.

  3. Mike Ricketts says:

    I am really fascinated by this ship, in fact I am trying to research its history and collect images. If you have any stories about it or images of it that you would be willing to share I would be really interested and grateful to hear from you. I am an artist and university researcher/lecturer, and I hope to produce some kind of publication or exhibition about this ship in the future.

  4. Stephen Rosenberg says:

    I think it looks better after my paint job! (untill the rust returns). How are you doing Albert?

  5. Albert says:

    Hey Stephen,

    You mean the time you was painting over the rust, while being filmed by national tv 🙂

    hows it going mate, I am all ok, working the Jascon 25.

    Mike , email me and will see what I still have from the 27


  6. Hi Albert, Did you get my email message a while ago? Would be very grateful if you have anything on Jascon 27 – stories or images. Am thinking I will start making a film about this barge in the near future. Cheers! Mike

    Also hi Stephen, I would be interested to hear about your paint job! – or anything about your connection with Jascon 27? Cheers, Mike

  7. R.O. Roffel says:

    When my memory is right, whe, that is the Netherlands, had one or two of these aswell, in Amsterdam, but they where put to other work aftyer a short while.

  8. emma says:

    hey mike if it helps it used to also be the bibby resolution, it also has a sister ship, but due to moving i am not sure where all the paperwork on this is 🙂 ATM

  9. mike ricketts says:

    Thanks very much Emma, yeah I’m aware of this. I have discovered a lot of amazing stories about this vessel now in fact!! If you are local to Portland, I am hoping to tell the story of this ship in an art event at the end of Aug or start of Sept 2012, as part of b-side arts festival. Cheers, Mike

  10. Joe says:

    I ‘lived’ on it for 4 months back in 85

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