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Rachid Fares Enterprises

I have discovered quit a few ugly ships till now and I guess a lot will follow but it hasn’t happened to me before that I found 3 ugly ships in less than 1 hour all (once) belonging to the same shipowner. So that’s why I’m doing this ultra-special triple-post!

Let’s start with the first one:

Farid Fares

IMO :9182

Build : 1950, AB Kockums M.V., Malmo, Sweden, nr 315 as Lions Gate (general cargo ship)

Converted : 1973 to a live-stock carrier.

She has sunk in 1980 after an engineroom fire, resulting in the loss of 40.000 sheep and 1 crewmember.

This is how she looked before the ugly-making conversion:


Danny F.

IMO : 5361734

Build : 1961 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, UK, nr ??  as Tindfonn (oiltanker)

Converted 1976  to a live-stock carrier.

Here she is before the conversion:

I haven’t found whether she is still afloat or not.

lest best: the last one, the ugliestest:

Fernanda F.

IMO :5192810

Build :1961 by A/S Rosenberg Mekaniske, Sandvigå, Norway nr 16222 as Kongsgaard (oiltanker)

Converted : ?? to a live-stock carrier

And she got a little bit more room for the sheep later in her life (a sheep-penthouse??) :

And here is she before the conversion (Sorry mr Fotoflite)

This one is scrapped, already in 1997.

These 3 vessels are named after the immediate family of mr. Raschid Fares: his wife Farid Fares and his 2 kids: Fernanda & Danny. Pretty & honorable names for such ugly vessels.

And an unexpected bonus:

Danny F II

IMO : 7359462

Build : 1976 by Wartsila Marine Industries,  Turku, Finland, nr 24731 as Don Carlos (carcarrier)

Converted : 1997

A converted carcarrier: still not mothers finest but better looking than the other 3 monstrosities.

And there is not much differences between now and before the conversion:

That’s this one:

Picture from collection Peter Asklander via www.faktaomfartyg.se

Picture from collection Peter Asklander via http://www.faktaomfartyg.se

And not this one, as previously and erroneously assumed by me…..dunno how, the differences are obvious & striking! (thnx Allan!)

  1. patricia barry says:

    Hi I am helping my Dad Captain george Barry research some material as hehis writing a book about his life as a merchant navy Captain. I laughed when i discovered your ugly ships site. He was in Fact Captain of the Danny F , Danny F II and the Fernanda F which i also accompanied him on on one of his trips. Unfortunately pictures do not capture the sheer size of these vessels and from memory Dad told me the Danny F II was the largest livestock carrier in the world. Whilst it looks a bit like its seen its day, it was in fact highly computerised and modern internally.
    The company owner Mr Farres a dear friend of my Fathers.
    thanks fro the chuckle!

  2. seabart says:

    Glad you like the site, please do some back for more chuckles! Good Luck to you and your father with writing the book. Please let me know when the book is finished: I would like to read it.

  3. malcolm powell says:

    hi there . my late father in law was john lathan . chief engineer . served on the farid fares when it went down . also served with capt george barry

  4. Allan Ryszka-Onions says:

    Don Carlos

    Unfortunately your shot of Don Carlos ‘before conversion’ to Danny F II is the wrong Don Carlos !! You have shown the 1997 built one not the 1976 one. The old one was converted in 1994.


  5. seabart says:

    Aaai…how could I have missed that???? The difference is pretty obvious!

    I’ll rectify it immediately….thnx for bringing it to my attention!

  6. Lauren says:

    Patricia…are you referring to Rachid Fares? If so please contact me at LMA51@bellsouth.net

    I am looking to get in touch with him as he is my boyfriend’s godfather.



  7. Peter Coleman-Wilson says:

    I have just stumbled accross this site.

    I have had the honour to sail with your Father many times, but have lost touch.

    Ugly, as in beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

    Having been the Chief Engineer on the Danny F, Fernanda F,
    Danny F II, and Rodolfo Mata I have never thought of these ships as being ugly. Certainly challenging to run and maintain, but this was done in a very professional mannner by all involved, with the welfare of the annimals being the first priority.

    Please extend my best regards to your Father.

    If you would like to get in touch my email address is petercolemanwilson@btinternet.com.

    Kind regards,

  8. seabart says:


    I have forwarded your message to Patricia by email, hopefully this way she will see it earlier.

  9. Peter Coleman-Wilson says:


    Manay thanks.



  10. Peter Coleman-Wilson says:

    Danny F II is still trading sucessfully.

  11. samer says:

    fate is ironic….
    i am going to catch danny f ii in uruguay after one week as a jonior officer, and this the first time to me on a livestock carrier, so wish me luck on this monster

  12. patricia barry says:

    hi guys sorry for delay in replying i will pass on contact details to my father, he will be delighted i am sure to het in touch

  13. george barry says:

    Hi! I sailed on the Fares ships for many years and can offer the following info:

    Mr Rachid Fares was un-married,the Danny F and Danny F11 were named after his nephew Danny Faqhar,now the head of the company and the Fernanda F after (I think) his sister.The present Rudolfo Mata was named after the managing director of the company in Australia and I believe it is the largest livestock carrier in the world.

    I agree the ships were not very glamorous in appearance,but in fact the were strictly regulated and very well run,the welfare of the animals being paramount.

    George Barry

  14. Kevin Murphy says:

    I sailed on the Fernanda F, Danny F & Persia, more than once with Capt Barry, hope all is well with you in retirement George.
    Good times & memories from the 80’s.
    k dot b dot murphy at btinternet dot com

  15. michael says:

    Hi to all

  16. michael says:

    is it true that Danny F II had a problem on the way to Montevideo?
    hope not….

  17. RAUL says:

    The first ship was Al Fares (ex general Carreras, Chilean flag), it was a catle carrier, modified in Buenos Aires to transport sheeps, from Constanza to Trabsum (Turkey), and by road to Iran.
    Second ship was Farid F, included in your list, converted first in Buenos Aires, capacity increased in Singapore 1976. The engine room fire probably caused by a broken fuel pipe spraying on some hot surface,(according to statement of the Engineer on duty ).
    Third ship was Persia, ex Europa, Lloyd Triestino Italy. Converted in Buenos Aires, to carry 48,000 sheeps, scraped in Pakistan.
    Fourth ship was Cyrus, it was a Norwegian ferrie, converted in Buenos Aires in 1976, to trade between Constanza and Trabsum.
    Fith ship, Danny F, ex Tinfond, tanker,Ex “Atlas Pioneer”(Sheep carrier) capacity 55,000 heads, purchased by R.F. in 1977, later it was shortened from 230 metre length to 170 metre, at Mitsubishi SY, in 1978 the capacity was incresed to carry 130,000 sheep.
    Later came Fernanda F, ex tanker, converted to live stock carrier by the owners prior to RFE ownership.
    Danny F II, Converted at Pan united SY Singapore.
    Farid Fares, was a cargo ship, converted at Constanza, Rumania exclusively for cattle.

  18. Max says:

    The vessel “Danny F II” has gone down off Lebanon this afternoon. The coastguard authorities have been informed and at the time of writing I have no further news.

  19. michael says:

    sad news for all – Danny F II had totally gone .

  20. Max says:

    Someone give more detailed information about this tragedy!

    Someone working there from relatives?

  21. Steve C. says:

    Does anybody know if Samer was on board the Danny F11 that just went down off Lebannon?

  22. george barry says:

    I am very upset to hear of the loss of the Danny F11 in the Med.and most of all the reported loss of her master
    captain John Molloy,he relieved me at the end of my last voyage on the Danny F11 before retirement,in the few days that I worked with him he showed himself to be very kind and considerate,a perfect gentleman.

    The carriage of Livestock from Monte Video to the Med has always been a problem,it is a long voyage and the animals are consuming ballast water and Fodder from the lowest Tanks and depositing it as dung on the uppermost decks,thus making the ship more and more unstable. I actualy did the same voyage on the Danny F11 and was very very concerned about the vessel’s stability at the end of the trip.

    George Barry

  23. Grant Ivey says:

    Hi All,

    I sailed on the Danny F11 on its maiden voyage as a livestock carrier from Fremantle, Australia to Muscat, then onto further ports in the gulf region in 1995 (approx). The Captain was Peter Phillips, Chief Officer was Lindsay Milne. I travelled on the Danny for 5 or 6 voyages, also the Farid F & Fernanda F, some with George Barry. What a good master. Hi Geo.

    Grant , the stockie

  24. Grant Ivey says:

    George Barry,

    What part of the world are you in atm?

    Grant Ivey

  25. wissam saade says:

    just for the record guys , the dany f11 sank 4 days ago, here in lebanon , carrying 80 000 cow, some of it s 83 members died ( 6 persons including the captain) and 39 were saved and the rest disapeared .

  26. Rob Crilly says:

    George Barry,

    I am a freelance journalist researching the sinking of the Danny FII. I would be very grateful if you could contact me via

    Many thanks
    Rob Crilly

  27. Kevin Matthews says:

    Hi all
    This a very sad moment with the loss of DannyF11.
    This ship and the different companys and staff than
    ran the bussiness of livestock export to different
    countries have helped farmers ,Livestock companys and
    all other bussiness involved to survive in current
    times.I would like to thank everyone involved and Mr Fares
    because I believe he was a big part in getting this industry
    started.And I hope it continues.
    Regards and sympathy to all.
    Kevin Matthews

  28. Ashley James says:

    My thoughts and prayers to all on board and their family.
    Many years ago i sailed on the Danny for Fares as a stocky. If the Australian is who i think it is my sympathy to the family. he was a great bloke and a hell of a cattle man.

  29. fooman2008 says:

    if things have not changed since I was in the Gulf and Indian Ocean, finding the livestock ships is not a problem just follow your nose! you could smell them tens of miles away. Worked with a Navy P-3 Orion who claimed they could smell them in the airplane! There was some conversation about them either spotting for or being a base ship for the raiding boats during the Iran/Iraq war in the 80’s but that was shouted down as no one being able to stand the stench. The two times we ever saw them in port they always had fire hoses sluicing out the cage decks and the water around them reeked!

  30. Kevin Matthews says:

    Idont think its the livestock carriers that you can smell
    so it can only be two other things
    1 you have shit yourself or
    2 your nose is to close to your Bum
    Hope you can sort out your problem
    Regards Kevin

  31. supplied ships stores to all “rachid Fares “vessels in port Adelaide –Fremantle Australia.would like to contact any
    COMMON BROS UK officers from old days 1975 onwards

  32. Kevin Matthews says:

    Dear Wissam Saade
    Thanks for the info you provided regards DannyF11.
    I dont think the Cattle numbers are right 80,000 cows
    there isnt a ship this big anywhere.
    I have heard there where 18,000 cattle and 10,000 sheep
    onboard, which I think would be closer to the right number.
    Wassam would you know how many of the crew survived and
    how many of the crew are unnacounted for.and if you have
    any other news regarding this ,I would be gratefull to be
    kept up to date on this.as our company was one of the main
    parts of Rachid Fares and Captain Amata operation.
    Thanking you and kind regards
    Kevin Matthews

  33. george barry says:

    If there was an Australian Stockman lost on the Danny F11 I would like to know his name,I sailed with many of them and held them in the highest regard.

    George Barry

  34. Peter Coleman-Wilson says:

    I have just returned home today after a brief tenure on another vessel which I was on when my Wife telephoned last Friday informing me of the Danny F II tragedy.

    First and foremost I offer my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families of my Shipmates and a speedy recovery to those who were saved.

    Since 1996 I have had many tenures on the Danny FII as Chief Engineer and since my retirement in 2008 I have still been involved on several occasions.
    Infact I had agreed to relieve the Chief Engineer for a while on the Vessel’s next return to Montevideo, so He could have a spell of leave.

    Tragedies of this nature are bound to bring out mixed feelings in people some of which unfortunately are like those of Fooman.

    As far as I am concerned the important thing to put on record is the diligent and harmonious manner in which the multi-national Officers and Crew conducted thier duties under the exemplary command of my best friend the Master.

    Only those who were involved with the Danny F II over the years
    will appreciate this very special Vessel.

    So out of respect for those who perished on this iconic Vessel no more inane comments please.

    Kind regards to all of you who have been involved with the
    “Danny” over the years.

    Peter Coleman-Wilson.



  36. ashfaq alam says:

    it is very bed news about danny fii,i work in danny fii in 1998 til 1999,the danny fii waz beaf2fl ship ,i start crying when i recived the news,i have special simpathey with all ship crew and owner the compney,now i liv in birmingham uk

  37. ashfaq alam says:

    i wil be greatful if compney of danny fii ship released the name of missing and those crew who daid in the ship. ashfaq alam [birmingham uk

  38. Mike says:

    Mr. Sunil Kumar Tejja,

    Perhaps the lebanese authorities or the red cross hold the crewlist of Danny F II. Maybe there you will get an answer.

  39. Mark Rickaby says:


    A few words if I may?

    In the words of Peter Coleman-Wilson,”

    “Only those who were involved with the Danny F II over the years
    will appreciate this very special Vessel.”

    I had the privilege to work alongside, (over a six year period) the likes of Captain. George Barry, Captain. John Milloy, Chief Engineer, Peter Coleman-Wilson & Chief Officer Lindsay Milne & Head Stockman Gary Beckett, to name but a few, in addition to the the numerous Pakistani & Filipino nationals who worked as a dedicated team to ensure the utmost care & attention was had for the thousands of animals transported over the years.

    Whilst there are those that will deride and shout about the “inhumane” transportation of livestock around the world, I can, and will only state (as I know no better) that the work ethic, professionalism & understanding shown to the animals onboard the ‘Danny F2’ was second to none. (From the Master down to the 1st trip Stockman)

    I would like to forward my deepest sympathy to the families of those that perished onboard, (John, Gary, Vilter, Sadar, Iqbal…
    to name but a few….)

    (To Captain. George & Peter, my warmest wishes to you both.)

    Mark Rickaby

  40. Peter Coleman-Wilson says:

    Hi Mark,

    Many thanks.

    I have been wondering how to contact you.

    Please get in touch. My email is as above.

    Kind regards.

  41. Peter Coleman-Wilson says:

    Dear Raul,

    With the info you have given I guess you are Mr Raul C.

    Please contact me on the e-mail given above.

    Kind regards.


  42. Helen Kenyon says:

    I am proud to be the sister of John Milloy, Master of the Danny F2 which capsized on 17th Dec. Many lives have been lost including that of my brother but thankfully his body has been found.God bless all families whose loved ones remain missing.

    My brother was a very experienced sailor and had been in the Merchant Navy for more than 30 years.He thought highly of his crew.

    Thank You George, Peter and Mark for your kind words which are much appreciated at this devastating time.

    As for Fooman, I find your comments offensive and you should be ashamed of yourself. You are obviously a very nasty person with a sad life.

    Helen Kenyon (nee Milloy)

  43. seabart says:

    Mrs Kenyon,

    The disaster with the Danny FII is a great tragedy and I’m very sorry for your loss.

    I’d like to express my condolences to you, your family and to all of those close to Captain Milloy.
    Of course my condolences are also for all the relatives of the other crew perished during the sinking.

    I hope you all find strength to overcome this terrible loss.

    best regards,

  44. Peter Coleman-Wilson says:

    Dear SeaBart,

    When I stumbled across your site one wet afternoon in October
    I was full of mixed feelings.
    However I now feel you are owed a word of thanks for developing
    this site.
    Thank you and well done.

  45. John (Chopper) Darling says:

    To all the family of the crew on the the Danny FII my deepest sympathy goes out to you all at such a tragic time.
    I spent a lot of time as a stock man working for the Fares group,
    The news of the 18th came as a shock and I still haven’t come fully to terms with it .
    I found this site purely by chance.
    A lot of the nationality’s I met became good friends.
    Peter Wilson and George Barry Good to read your posts.
    Garry & John and the crew I cant put into words my feelings of sadness except to say you are and will always be in my thoughts.
    George my dearest friend it is good to read your post.


  46. Owen Milloy says:

    I laughed when I seen the website aswell :L

    My Dad was also the Captain of the Danny F 2 but sadly he was the last 1 to be captain of the Danny F 2.

    He was a great and nobel Captain and was loved by all his crew. He is greatly emembered by everyone in his small town in Campbeltown, Argyll.

    He left me, my wee brother and my mum (his wife).

    He will be sadly missed by all.

    R.I.P DAD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  47. Willie Goodall says:

    To old friends and with sencere thoughts to the family of all those lost.
    I started work with the Fares Group about 2000 around the same time as Captain John Milloy. We both had just been made redundent by P&O Bulk Shipping, friends had told us about available jobs, luckly I retained my rank as Chief Eng. John had to go back to sailing Mate. John was soon promoted to Captain and we sailed for a short spell together on the Danny F II between Freo and Port Headland then on to Dampier. Having sailed together several times in P&O we were both so happy finding our feet in a new Company which was small enough to have a personal touch. The help that was given to us was so friendly in the first instance real seafarers and they new their ships.
    John Milloy was a good personal friend I would have sailed anywhere with him we spent many a time sharing a beer and solving the troubles of ships and world problems.
    There are so many other men lost but I must make a special tribute to Big Garry the stocky I remember being with him the day 9/11 took place he was a man with great moral valves, the wee second engineer Manual Calor (Manny) such a loyal person.
    Having been in touch with friends from the past everyone speaks so highly of John these tributes I will redeliver to John’s Family.

    I hope every assistance is being given to those lost that are not yet found my thoughts will remain with them always.

    God Bless

    Willie Goodall
    otherwise known as Big Willie the chief.

  48. Pauline Lyons says:

    This week, there have been funeral notices for Gary Douglas BECKETT, in the Queensland newspaper The Courier Mail. My curiousity arose because I once lived on Bribie Island, which must have been Gary’s home port. The following is my summary of the details from Gary’s funeral notice.

    Gary Douglas BECKETT, late of Banksia Beach. (Then mentioni of his family members). Gary was greatly respected by his family, those who knew him throughout Australia and his international family associated with the MV Danny FII. Gary’s funeral to be held at 10.30am at John Power Stand, Eagle Farm Racecourse, Brisbane. (Austrlaia).

    I hope it is appropriate for me to submit these details. It is so sad to hear of the tragedy which has affected to many loved ones of the crew.

    Pauline Lyons

  49. Sailor says:

    Good evening,

    I participated in the SAR-operation for MV Danny F II in this terrible night.
    I would like to express my deepest sympathy for all which suffered from the loss of their beloved relatives and friends. I am so sorry that we could not find all crew members in this stormy night and the days after. But please be sure, that we did our best to search and safe everyone of the crew.

  50. Syrian sailor says:

    Dear All,

    I was deeply saddened to hear about the death of the crews of Danny F 11, I know how difficult this must be for their families and frinds. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

    I am a Syrian Citizen and we lost few Syrian crew men onboard the vessel, one of them is samer who posted a comment on this forum (please see above his post) on 10 November, 2009 at 12:36 -I regret to advise that Samer was onboard the vessel on the time of incident and he is still missing. Local agencies are currently searching for him on the shore of Syria and Lebanon.

  51. Syrian Capt says:

    Dear All
    if some one any information about this vessel’s stability or any information kindly share it


  52. Kathleen Baker nee Beckett says:

    I am Gary Beckett’s daughter, it is lovely to hear you all speak of Dad so kindly.
    This is a horrible tragedy for our family, Dad was a brilliant man who is dearly loved by many.
    I offer my deepest sympathy to Captain John Milloy’s family, he was a wonderfull man and a dear friend to my husband Greg and I and my mother Ros (Gary’s wife). We were all fortunate enough to have worked on the Danny F with John as our Captain.
    My heart aches for the crew Dad cared for so much, I met with the survivors in Tripoli. They endured so much in the battle to save their own lives and where utterly devastated by the loss of their friends. Some of the surviors where still looking for brothers, uncles,cousins etc. They spoke of Gary and John in such high regard.
    I should take this opportunity to show my appreciation to the Australian Embassy’s in Lebanon and Egypt and the Canadian Embassy in Syria. Their help in the search and eventual repatriation of Dad was truly outstanding, we could have never have done it without them.

    Kathleen Baker (nee Beckett)

  53. Jim Kerr says:

    To Kathleen Baker and the rest of Gary Beckett’s family:
    I did a single voyage with Gary on the Danny F II from Australia to Egypt in 2000, but that was enough to entrench him in my memory as an exceptionally decent, hard-working and good-natured man.

    Gary’s efforts to ensure the welfare of his very large livestock cargo were really outstanding, and the trip report from that voyage consequently recorded that the remarkable lack of sickness and death amongst the livestock could largely be attributed to Gary’s efforts as Head Stockman.

    Others that I have spoken to since the tragic sinking of the Danny FII have similarly fond memories of Gary. He was a pleasure to work with, and was universally held in the highest regard as a stockman.

    I offer my sincere condolences to you and your family, and to the families of those others lost on the Danny FII.

    Jim Kerr

  54. Stella says:

    Dear families,

    all my prayers and symphaty goes to you. I wish you get throught these difficult times in the best possible way.

    I would also like to inquire if any of you knew one of the older RFE captain Mr. Nikola Spero?


  55. Jess Keenan says:

    I would like to share my deepest thoughts and all my strength to the Beckett family, and all the other many families who have lost loved ones. Kathleen, thank you for sharing your and Greg’s experience with me, and I am so proud of your integrity, strength and calmness, and the selflessness in helping everyone involved. They are unsurpassed, the qualities you have shown in such a horrific circumstance, in supporting those around you, while living the loss you have. Keep doing what you do better than anyone I know, give them strength and the power to heal x

  56. dante says:

    my brother (CRUZ) is one of the missing crew of dannyf11. we’re still waiting for any updates here in the philippines. what shall we do after this tragedy? any comments & advice. thanks.

  57. Kathleen Baker says:

    Dante, please feel free to contact me by email tiz.baker@bigpond.com, i would love to be able to help find your brother. I feel your pain and my thoughts are with you.

  58. Neil Faneco says:

    Having worked closely with the Fares Group for over 20 years a tremendous relationship was formed with so many fellow workers.
    I still have a feeling of disbelief that The Danny so tragically sank with many of my friends. To you Kathleen,(we sailed from Portland to Mexico) words cannot describe my grief to learn only today, via this site that Gary your dad was lost. Of all those I sailed with, Gary Beckett was held in the highest esteem both as a man & as a stockman who had a natural instinct to provide the best care for the animals he so capably cared for.He will be sadly missed by all who had the good fortune to know him.
    Captain John Milloy was exactly as others on this forum have described and I find it very difficult to believe that this tragedy has taken him also.My heartfelt condolences to his family for such a sudden unexpected loss when words are hard to find to express my feelings.
    To the families of others lost, many of whom I no doubt worked with, you have my deepest sympathy. The work ethic of all those who were employed in the industry deserve to be held in the highest regard.

  59. Neil Faneco says:

    You were inquiring about Captain Nikola Spero. He was a highly respected captain who was based mainly in the Fares office in Constansa & sailed mostly in charge of the Cyrus & Al Fares.He also sailed Mr Fares yacht the Alma which sank while he was on board. (he survived).
    Captain Spero unfortunately died over 10 years ago.He was wheel chair bound for a couple of years,after falling from a ladder while attending to maintenance on Mr Fares property a Mallards.
    Having sailed with him on many occasions,& seen the miles he walked whilst on board, I have no doubt the prospect of a future in a wheelchair hastened his sad loss to all who knew him

  60. Neil Faneco says:

    As this is the only way I feel I am able to contact you, I wish you George a happy retirement & would love to read your book. To you Chopper , Hi, I wish you well,and Peter ( chief) all the best.
    After 20 years with the group,some of the best (& worst) days of our lives are embedded in our memory. It is unfortunate it takes such a disaster to be in contact with you, but I thank you for the memories and the pleasure of knowing you

  61. FROM URUGUAY says:

    my deepest sympathy to all families, my boyfriend Nicolas, traveling by boat when the trajedias and thank God we have it here, we always spoke well of everyone and the great people who were the Captain John Milloy and Garry, we also told he could talk to his daughter Kathleen, that’s to name but a few people, all here we’re sorry, we had an excellent picture of them was very sad to know that they are no longer, through this site I want to convey my prayers are also for their families and all the crew.

  62. FROM URUGUAY says:

    Kathleen, send you photos from previous trips to your post, I could take for this website

  63. John (Chopper) Darling says:

    To the Family of Gary Beckett and other crew members,
    My sincere condolences go out to you all at such a difficult time I still haven’t come to terms with this tragedy, I would have liked to come to the service in Brisbane but my thoughts have been continually with you,


  64. Kathleen Baker says:

    Jim Kerr, thank for your lovely post, your words are very true, dad spoke of the voyage he did with you, he held you in very high regard.I appreciate your post and thank you on behalf of my family.

    Neil, so nice to hear from you, I was wondering how i could contact you, thank you for your kind words, the time I spent working with yourself and Dad was a wonderfull experience and I treasure it deeply.I hope to one day catch up, i hope you are well and thank you again.

    Silvanat, thank you for your post could you please contact me at tiz.baker@bigpond.com, i would like to talk to you some more. Thank you

    Regards to all

    Kathleen Baker

  65. Kathleen Baker says:

    Chopper, thanks so much, I have sent an email to your hotmail address, hope it reaches you well.

  66. Steve (Burrumbuttock) Harrison says:

    I first sailed with Garry in the summer of 1999-2000. I think it was his first voyage as head stockman. We then completed many voyages together over the next few years. Just found out yesterday about the sinking of the Danny and the tragic loss of Garry, John, Lindsay and so many others.

    Deepest sympathy to Ros, Kathleen, Greg and all family and friends of those who died.

    Garry was always larger than life – both in stature and in character. A great stockman and man, who always lead by example. RIP.

  67. ruben says:

    hello I am one of the 4 Uruguayan survivors vualquier danny f II or what information can be useful to the orders …. I
    my e-mail .. lucia_rava@hotmail.com ..

  68. Tariq-chief enginneer says:

    Shocked to hear, DANNY FII LOST, I just left ship last voyage handing over VTCTOR, also don,t know the fate of my Filiplno engine staff.
    Capt. Malloy who was my very kind neighbour on ship always speak high about PETER WILSON COLMAN DURING PARTIES.
    I remember Gary , Uruguay and Pakistani/all crew especially Sardar, 2nnd Tindall and feel very sorry about the incident.

  69. Martin Atkinson says:

    My brother Alan Atkinson was an ETO on the vessel and has either not been found or not identified. There is confusion on how many are still missing. There has been little information and no survivor accounts.
    I would like to know more about the ship and would appreciate seeing photographs.

    Email martin754@talktalk.net

  70. Helen Kenyon says:

    Apologies for my lack of correspondence recently but as everyone is aware it has been a very difficult time. John’s body was returned home on 31st Dec and he was buried in Campbeltown, Argyll on 5th January.
    Kathleen thank you for your kind words and on behalf of my Mum, brother and I please accept our sincere condolences on the loss of you Dad. Our thoughts are also with your Mum at this distressing time.
    Martin, I am so sorry to hear that your brother Alan has yet to be found and can only imagine the unbearable stress your family have been suffering over the past several weeks.
    Like yourself, we have recieved very little information. Someone must know the correct figures regarding how many people survived; remain missing or have died in this horrific tragedy. It is about time all families concerned are treated with respect and kept up to date with current information……..afterall, surely we are owed this!
    Helen Kenyon
    E-mail helenkenyon@btinternet.com

  71. Martin Atkinson says:

    There are two articles on page 2 of the February issue of


  72. Helen Kenyon says:

    There is also a letter on page 16 of the Telegraph highlighting the lack of coverage by the British media regarding this tragedy. I too have written to the BBC asking why such a disaster was not highlighted but I have yet to recieve a reply.

  73. Kiwivet says:

    I did three voyages as NZ Govt vet on the Danny F (1) in the mid-90’s with Captain Peter Phillips and First Officers Lindsay Milne and (Lindsay?)Hogg. A great experience with fine officers and crew running an old ship on the edge. Anxious memories as a landlubber watching my bathwater lurch slowly from side to side towards the end of the voyage as the feed ballast was transferred to the upper decks as dung. My regards and condolences to all those who have lost loved ones with The Danny F 11.

  74. Stella says:

    thank you for your answer. Why was Cpt. Spero attending maintenance on Mallards? Sorry to hear he passed away…

    Once again, my deepest condolances to all the families of lost crew.

  75. Peter Coleman-Wilson says:

    I have been asked today to post this message from M.V. Nada presently at a shipyard in Tuzla, Turkey. (Which I have just left today).

    To Mrs. J. Milloy and Sons,
    The incident of the Danny F II took too many people from us far away.
    30 Pakistanis some Filipinos, but the great of all our beloved Captain John.
    We are in great grief as are you.
    Captain John was not just a Captain for us he was a great friend and brother to us.
    Although we are not with you our thoughts are with you all.
    After the sad news we were in shock that a great friend of us had left the world.
    Please accept all our condolences.
    Best regards and love to you and the boys from,
    Tindal Badri Munir, 2nd Tindal Hamidullah, and All Pakistani Crew.
    May rest His soul in peace.

  76. michael says:

    what is the Nada?

  77. Neil Faneco says:

    In answer to your query re Capt. Spero, Due to the closure of the Constansa office & the Al Fares coming to Australia, there was little for Capt Spero to do.Being a highly respected member of the Fares Group, Mr Fares looked after Capt Spero as best he could, & among other Co. duties, one was no doubt helping out at Mallards.

  78. Owen Milloy says:

    Thankyou so much Peter and crew 🙂

    It is nice to know that thoughts are still being thought of my father. I just wish i could get atleast one more voyage on the ship, “even although how bad it was” 😛 that made the memories more fun 🙂 I can always remember me you my dad and everyone else in aladins and you done a pull up on the bar, and it snapped 😛 It was soo funny 🙂

    I hope that everyone else that survived is ok and making a good recovery after the incident.


  79. george barry says:

    Dear Owen Milloy,
    You are right,your Father was a great and nobel Captain and yes, he was loved by all his crew and by his fellow sailors,like me.I am deeply saddened by his tragic loss. I met him a few times in Indonesia when he was in command of the ‘Rudolfo Mata’ at that time the biggest Livestock carrier in the world,later he relieved me in Fremantle,Australia on my last trip before retirement on the ‘Danny F 2’. Your Dad and I had some happy times together,he was great company and very humorous – a realy lovely Scotsman!
    Owen,I send you,your Mother and your wee Brother my heartfelt sympathy for your very grevious loss.

  80. Martin Atkinson says:

    There is an interview with the survivor Ahmad Harb on youtube
    which lasts over 10 minutes. Unfortunately it is not in English
    but perhaps Arabic. It would be good to know what was said.

    Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfZ7hm7amJo

    My email is martin754@talktalk.net

  81. Owen Milloy says:


    yeah I knew Ahmad, I knew him very well. Me and him would sit and play the Wii console all day. We would play Wii Sports (bowling). Then a few days later, he played a real game of bowling for the first time ever. He would take me and my wee brother Rhuairidh out to town in Turkey and get roasted nuts. What I remember most is that he would teach me how to drive the forklift, it was amazing, since it was alos in the rain, he would teach me how to drift along the wet metal. ( he was so scared when I drove it though) 😛

    Ahmad was one amazing officer and my Dad would go non stop speaking about him. He did even once say he thought of him like family. Him and my Dad were even trying to fly him over to Scotland to get him to see Scotlands amazing Scenery.

  82. Allan Cruz says:

    i’m working onboard danny fII as 4th engr from August to February at Tusla, with C/E Wilson.And at the time of tragedy, my younger brother Benedick Cruz, was serving as a messman,until now he is one of six pilipino missing.And we are waiting for what news are coming for him from Lebanon.

  83. Patrick Cruz says:

    dear tito benny,
    this his nephew that waiting for a news about my uncle benny for the sink ship Danny FII i wish until now my uncle is still alive even where you are give me un sign that you are still alive although the ship sink last december 17,2009 until now february 16,2010 there is no signs of life for him but i wish for the coast guard that keep searching for my uncle and rest of the missing crew thank you very much!!!

  84. Captain John Dunn says:

    I came across this excellent site and the details of the terrible tragedy. My family send their condolances to all the families of those gentlemen sadly lost.

    It was only last night when trying to contact John that I heard of his loss.

    John and I worked together for about 7 years in all sorts of places around the world and we became very great friends as he was such a dedicated man, probably the finest man I ever worked with either at sea or ashore. I will miss his phone calls, usually in the middle of the night from various places around the Globe.

  85. Martin Atkinson says:

    The body of my brother, Alan Atkinson has been identified by
    means of DNA comparison. His family wish to have him repatriated
    as soon as possible. We will be able to have him laid to rest
    at home. My condolences to all the other families affected and I
    hope that they also have their loved one returned to them.

    Does anyone know how many have died in this disaster as I have
    seen different figures. Is it 43 or 45? How many remain
    unaccounted for?

    I greatly miss my brother and I know that all the families need
    to be kept fully informed on what is being done to return all
    the missing crew. We all want to know details of the investigation so we can be certain that lessons will be learned.


  86. kathleen Baker nee Beckett says:

    I would like to remind all of you that have lost or are missing your loved ones, that you are still very much in our thought and prayers, we think of these men everyday and the poor people who are grieving for them.
    This is such a difficult time, we have all travled through many stages of grief and will continue to do so for a long time.
    It would be good if we had a list of names on these blogs as Martin suggested so we could remember each sole that didnt make it home.



  87. Christine says:

    I just found this site. My dad was about to come home when the tragic happens. Three days of waiting and we’ll see him again. It’s excruciating. He was the first filipino declared dead. It’s desolation. It’s almost like seven months now but i still cry myself to sleep 😦

  88. Manuel says:

    i would just like to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who expressed their condolences to us and to the other families who were also devastated by this tragedy. i am the son of 2nd engineer manuel calaor, one of the casualties of the danny F II tragedy. the authorities have found his body on the eve of christmas. it was a very painful christmas for us but we are slowly recovering from it.
    TO MR. WILLIE GOODALL, i couldn’t find the right words to say how thankful i am for saying very nice things to my dad. i know dad treated you also as his very close companion. thank you for calling and condoling us when the incident took place. to my dad, though you are not physically here with us, i still feel you and will always be here inside my heart.

  89. Fernando Abad says:

    I am saddened by the news of Danny FII, for the time working in the company Ia, it feels like part of my family. A hug to all those who suffered the loss of a loved one.

    Fernando (Dr. Abad)

  90. halim says:

    Good day everyone,
    to repair the ship came to Turkey two times each time I have been on board, I met a lot of the people who know all the staff. I wish all families of those killed chief health. As far as I know the ship’s sinking because the C / M ‘s of the shift that has been impaired balance, good to see you here my dear Peter Wilson In Turkey worked together with you a few times, I hope your health is over

  91. ikramullah says:

    any one who knows about my brother Mr.shahi Rahman.missing in DanyFII in 17th dec 2009 disaster.please please contact me. mob no 0923348254280

  92. hussain, says:

    hi good wishes 4 all especialy 4 ship dannfii deciesed families,
    i am hussain from pakistan my sweet father Mr mohammad khalil in still in missain in
    ship Mv DANNY FII accident,i appeal 2 all of the viewer if any one khow any kind of information about 16 missing pakistani crew( if they are alived or died) .please inform me through email ship.dannyfii@gmail.com ,
    or directly,00923453430185,
    intensive waiting 4 reply….

  93. Cameron Henry says:

    My sympathies are with those that lost loved ones on the ‘Danny’.I am sorry that I only just found these posts, as upon hearing of this tragedy I was at a loss to know what to do or how to contact anyone.Information was so scarce in the end I got info from Ashley James and Graeme Galvin. I sailed a number of times as a stockman on the Danny (about 18 voyages I think) and also the Rodolfo Mata over the period of a couple of years. I sailed with many of those that have left posts and many that lost their lives in this disaster. To Helen, Owen & family John was a great Captain to work with. I know that all the Australian stockmen held him in the highest regard for his hands on attitude and outlook on life.I laugh to think of the time when John went off his head at the cook for messing up his meal.I learnt after that not to get in the way of John and his dinner!!To Ros, Kathleen, Greg and families my thoughts are still with you even after all this time. It was an honor to work under Gary and I count him as the best and most influential boss I ever had. Most of all he was a bloody good bloke to have a beer with!!I really tried hard to come over for the funeral but time and work committments made it too hard.I was however thinking of you all.Many happy memories on the Danny. Stockmen v Officers Trivial Pursuit and Parties in the Fillippino and Pakistani mess to name but a few.Oh and Steve H with a rubber chicken…
    Sorry that it came to this to get in touch, but if anyone would like to email me

  94. jonson willims says:

    i am willims from israel.there are 8 pakistani crew recived in israel.

  95. hussain says:

    hello mr jonson willims brotehr if you comments are true please help us,
    16 pakistani seafarer are still missing and the whole families are passing through tens
    circumtances,through which source you have received such information???please contact
    me immediatly through email ship.dannyfii@gmail.com or kindly directly dial 00923453430185
    i am intensive waiting for your sweet reply,
    hussain pakistan.

  96. Lee Hall says:

    Hello Everyone,

    My father (Adrian Hall) served on the Persia when it was sent up the beach in Karachi, he would be interested to hear from anyone who was on the ship at the time, he was sailing at that time as 3eng, and has very fond memories of working for this company. Best regards to you all, any emails can be sent to lee.a.hall@hotmail.co.uk

  97. usman says:

    Hi .Owen Milloy,,, The disaster with the Danny FII is a great tragedy .You are right,your Father was a great and nobel Captain and yes, he was loved by all his crew and by his fellow sailors,like me.I am deeply saddened by his tragic loss. Owen,I send you,your Mother and your Brother james my heartfelt sympathy for your very grevious loss.i thought u remember me.

  98. Ayoub Ghafoor says:

    My name is Ayoub Ghafoor I work in Saudi Arabia.I’m so upset about this tragedy, my brother Fazal Ghafoor a Pakstani crew memeber  was on that ship, it’s about a year since the tragedy happens I can’t get any news about him, I don’t know if he still alive or dead, so please if anybody knows any thing about him please contact me via this email ayoubgfoor@live.com.
    Thank you

  99. Amber Lavery says:

    I have just stumbled upon this site and don’t quite know how to express what I feel. I did my first voyage on her in the mid 90’s and loved working with such a diverse and comitted crew. I have many fond memories of this time. I did not know this Captain pesonally but my sympathy goes out to his family along with all the families of all crew that were lost. To hear that Gary was lost brings a tear to my eye. He was a true gentleman and fantastic to work with – even if he was always hitting his head on things! To George, Neil, Peter, Jim and Chopper – I hope you are all well. I am living in Melbourne with a 5 yo girl and 3 yo boy now. How my life has changed!
    RIP xoxoxoxoxo

  100. Neil Faneco says:

    Hi Amber,So nice to hear of your current situation, being mum to two little ones.
    I am sure you were as shocked as we all were to learn of the Danny’s tragic sinking, worst of all, the loss of so many good men we knew so well. It seems hard to believe to this day, there are still reports that indicate it is impossible to confirm that some of those missing are still not able to be confirmed as such.I often think of you & our sailing days, with fond memories.

  101. Martin Atkinson says:

    Today is the first anniversary of the Danny Fii disaster and it is appropriate to remember
    all who perished. For their families and friends the loss is very great and hard to accept.
    The loss of my brother, Alan has affected me very much and I think that all their
    deaths are a tragic waste of life.
    I thank everyone that have given their support for it is very much appreciated
    especially since I also lost my father and mother in May and June. Their grief was
    too much for them.
    The Panama Martime Authority investigation report is something that I am eager to read
    so that we can know the full details of what happened.
    I offer my condolences to everyone else affected by the disaster.

  102. John (Chopper) Darling. says:

    I also like Martin feel it appropiate to remember all who were lost at sea and their families, this date in time will be forever etched in my memory.
    My thoughts are with you all.

    Regards Chopper

  103. Barkat ali says:

    my father is missing on dannyfii ship.one year ago but no meet my father is dead or live.
    i love u papa.

  104. Nicolás says:


    Translation by seaBart:

  105. Paul Hampson says:

    Only just found this website, whilst doing a search for photos of the Danny F (No 1).
    I served as 3rd and 2nd Mate on the Danny F and Fernanda F and have many happy memories of both. I have been deeply upset by everything I’ve read. The post by Samer was particularly sad – full of excitement and expectation, then 5 weeks later………I’m lost for words. Deepest sympathies to all who lost loved ones.
    I cannot tell, for sure, from the posts if Lindsay Milne was on board. Can someone put me right on this? I sailed with Lindsay a few times and he was a great character (still is I hope) from ‘stair diving’ in Finland, to dodgy letters in ‘Mayfair Magazine’ there was never a dull moment! They say time is a great healer, but I think laughter is a better one and it’s best to remember the happier (and funnier) times
    Best wishes to everyone else on this site and to Capt. (retired) George have a good retirement (why was I the only one in the bar that didn’t now your ‘killer’ number on the dartboard – it still haunts me!)

  106. Peter Coleman-Wilson says:

    Hi Amber,
    Congratulations on your family.
    What wonderfull memories we all have. To be cherished.

    To Paul Hampson,
    No Lindsay was not on the Danny FII. The Chief Officer was Russian and was one of the survivors.

    We all eagerly await the Panamanian investigation report.

    Best wishes and regards to all.

  107. John Bucknall says:

    My Name is John Bucknall, I was the captain of his private yacht, the “Alma F”. The 19 mtr Benetti was named after his niece Alma. Her brother is Danny there was another brother Armado. I served on the Alma F for four years, taking it from his Bucklers Hard residence Mallards to the Mediterranean for the summer. The yacht spent every winter in Bucklers Hard on the Beaulieu River. My wife who was the cook on the yacht spent the winters entertaining Mr Fares’ guests at Mallards.
    While in his employ I knew of all the ship conversions to Livestock carriers.
    We have many pleasant memories of our times.

  108. JONSON says:

    i am Dr.Jonson willims from israel.i requst to I.T.F.please save the poor 8 pakistani crew in israel.

  109. kevin matthews says:

    How do we go about saving the 8 Pakistani crew in Iseael
    Also where they crew members of the Danny F 11
    I will help any way possible if you have the information

    Regards Kevin Matthews

  110. JONSON says:

    Dear.kevin matthews ya here 8 pakistani crew.arm of the Israel Defense Forces, operating primarily in the Mediterranean Sea theater as well as the Gulf haifa and the Red Sea theater. The current commander in chief of the Israeli Navy is Aluf Eli Marom.israel don,t want to show any news and media.i requst to all world please save pakistani crew. thanks.

  111. Barkat says:

    dear jonson.if you really information pakistani crew.i requst you give full information my father is is still missing .16 pakistani crew missing on dannyfii ship. thanks

  112. Afarin Khan says:

    Respected Sir,

    This is AFARIN KHAN from Pakistan , Father of SARDAR IQBAL , who has been missing since December 17th,2010 from Danny F2 Ship.

    I got this news from the internet that you are trying to contact Relatives of that Missing person. I request your honor to please let me know if my son SARDAR IQBAL is there in Israel or not. Please let us know . i will be waiting for your reply. you can contact me via this email ( sirajkswat@gmail.com )or on my mobile phone Number i.e +92-343-8990334. or let me have your phone number so that i can contact you instantly.

    i Hope to hear from you soon.

    Afarin Khan F/O Sardar Iqbal

  113. Miles Tallentire says:

    George Barry,

    If you haven’t finished you book I might have some memories for you.

    Miles Tallentire (ex Farid Fares)

  114. ali says:

    hi miles tallentire how r u. frind my father are still missing in this ship i have no meet full inforation.
    do you have in for mation plz

  115. carlos jacobsen says:

    I just found the site and the pictures bring me many memories.
    I was Chief Stokman aboard Mv Farid Fares when it sank in the nigth 28th of March of 1980
    I remember Chief Engineer John Lathan, who was mentioned in a comment of this page and I think that the captain was W.Deasy.
    Also of my times in Rachid Fares Enterprises as Head Stockman (1976 / 1983) i remember many who sailed with me on other ships of the same company as the Scottish Lindasy Milne at that time 3erd mate, the australian John Edwards from Fremantle with who did a trip on the mv Persia and good many others.
    My deep regret at what happened to the mv Dani F II.

    Kind regards to all

    Carlos Jacobsen – Argentina

  116. ali says:

    what what and what where the 16 pakistani crew.where find.where we meet the justice.plz plz.
    the missing fammilies so sleepy.the all faimilies waiting when meet the sure report of dannyfii-
    ther missing crew child waiting his fathers.plz help the poor pakistani crew-he was humen.

  117. Martin Atkinson says:

    On 29 September, I met with officials from Nautilus International in London. The intention was
    to gain publicity about the MV Danny F II situation and lack of an investigation report from
    Panama Maritime Authority. Letters were handed in to the Panama Ambassador and to the
    Secretary General of the International Maritime Organisation. A request was made to have
    the investigation report released as soon as possible. Also for it to be made available for all
    interested parties. I was interviewed for news articles to appear in Lloyds List and the November
    issue of Telegraph.


  118. khalid hussain says:

    hi there may name is Khalid Hussain and my father in law was a crew in that ship missing from the very first day.he is 1 of the 16 missing crew members ,i am a sailor my self and my son asked me yesterday , dad if u r missing some day like grandfather how i well search for you , please make me able to answer a 5 years old kid. thank you
    if i have any information about the 16 missing crew please let me know via email

  119. Hi Dr.jhonson & Kiven Matews
    As per ur iformation given in this regard.This is Khalil from Swat Pakistan my Brother Mr.Shahi Rahman and other 16 swati crew are still missing in DAny FII sunkship.Sir we have email many time but sad responce from ur side side.If u have some information kindly share with us.Its wil be a great sucess of humanity.Thanks
    email Address:firstaidtrainer@yahoo.com
    contact No;0923469408809
    Khalil Ur Rahman First Aid Trainer Pakistan Red Crescent Society Swat Branch.

  120. Alberto Cabral says:

    anybody have a photo of Al Fares, the small cattle carrier ex Chile boat?

  121. Neil Faneco says:

    Hi Alberto,
    I have photos of the Al Fares, but am away from home for another month or so.

  122. Alberto says:

    OK! Thanks Mr. Neil FanecoI’ll wait.

  123. ali says:

    The 16 missing crew full report meet soon.i contcet the israel.

  124. Greg Baker says:

    To Gary, John, All the other great friends and the Danny F11 herself, RIP Forever in our hearts. Let the Beer and Rum flow freely.

  125. Kathleen Baker says:

    The past 2 years have been a treacherous journey for the families who lost their loved ones, the pain does not subside and we still cannot fathom how such a massive tragedy could occur. 
    To those who never found their loved ones….I pray you have somehow found peace and please know that you have always been in my thoughts and prayers. 
    To those responsible for the investigation report and finding much needed answers for the grieving….how do you sleep at night?

  126. Martin Atkinson says:

    After 2 years the sense of loss is still fresh. The Panama Maritime Authority promised in June 2010
    that they would produce their investigation report ”soon”. This disaster warrants full disclosure of
    all the facts. Because there has not been any inquiry or inquest to attend, the bereaved families
    are depending on the investigation report. If the details are being kept confidential there can be
    no improvements in safety for other seafarers.
    The British Department of Trade and Marine Accident Investigation Branch have formally requested
    the release of the report from Panama. The trade union Nautilus International have tried to get access through the I.M.O. the I.T.F. and directly with the Panama authorities. Because of the long
    delay, I have written to the British Prime Minister for his assistance in this matter. It may take much
    petitioning to persuade Panama to release the report that they are duty bound to produce.

  127. ali says:

    2yaer complet.there have no meet the full report of the killes ship mv dannyfii ship.the crew small children waiting his father.when the meet justice please Rechard thamus open your eye and see the crew families.missing missing where missing give death certificate.please please

  128. Helen Kenyon (nee Milloy) says:

    It is difficult to believe so many seamen died and no one in authority seems interested…..the company should be ashamed of themselves! Is it not about time that some of the survivors tell bereaved families what happened that day?
    2 years have passed and we are no further ahead. Our lives have changed forever, the pain caused by the loss of John and those who did not survive will never go away.

  129. ali says:

    Cressmiss days soon

  130. Juan Pablo Acosta says:

    Hi Everyone, today December 17 to two years of the accident, the Uruguayan survivors, we are gathered, fulfilling the promise that this time we were going to gather, to remember all our friends who did not survive, and know that always will be present in our hearts.

    To all family, we send a big hug.

    Nicolas, Ruben, William and John Paul.

    I spend my mail, jpacosta@adinet.com.uy

  131. rose george says:

    Hello everybody
    I’m a British author working on a book about merchant seafaring. Firstly, my condolences to all of you who lost family members in the sinking.

    I wrote briefly about the Danny FII for the UK’s Sunday Telegraph magazine last year (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/8273847/Sea-no-evil-the-life-of-a-modern-sailor.html) and would like to write about it in my book. I’d be interested to talk to any of you about the incident, if you are willing. My email is rose@rosegeorge.com.

  132. abid says:

    i am ali from pakistan my father are also missing in mv dannyfii ship.if you have any information of mv dannyfii shi please give me.the 16 missing pakistani crew families and children are so waiting for his father.thanks

  133. K.Blay says:

    I am ex 3rd then 2nd engineer on M.V. Persia / Norleb where I served for approx 8 years before transfering to the Fernanda F where I served for a further approx 2 years as 2nd engineer, I have great happy memories of my time with Fares and all the brilliant people I met during this time,

  134. Siegfredo Dondiego says:

    I am the first Filipino Chief Engineer of Danny F2, So sad to hear this ship went down together with my Friends and also Capt. Milloy, God bless their soul.

    CE Peter Wilson if your around you can contact me: sdondiego@gmail.com. currently I am a Hull and Machinery supervisor on Newbuilding vessel assigned in Jing Ling Shipyard. Hopefully your new vessel is just around were I could come and see you, I miss you my friend.

  135. ali says:

    There have meet the missing crew report very soon.

  136. suliman ahmad says:

    i am capt. suliman ahamd from leabnon the comments posted by stupid beast jonson willium that there are 8 pakistani seafarer under isreal navy custady is totally fake and there is no approachable reality in it,i appeal to all pakistani deceaese families that please for GOD sake don’t take it serious and pray for your missing loved on,i again offer humble requst to willium if your comments are true and you have some solid proof,evidence give me your contact no,mailing address through the same i have the sources to carry them from isreal,if you have no proofs please don’t post such kind of comments. that increase the tension of these deceased families.

  137. ali says:

    Dear suliman ahmad.i ali from pakistan.the missing crew familier are going so bad stuation.the families are so worid.if the there the leabnon rescue opration for time there no crew death and no missing.the are bid mistake the leabnon rescue the crew 10 hours in the water and the leabnon and syria watching the move wy? This so badluck this ship sink in leabnon.there have no meet the full report of sink ship.no meet death crtificte and no meet full inshurance money.the missing crew small children witing father.my brother make mad he told me every time when coming my father.i am also seaman i am also waiting becuse there have no meet any information.

  138. Jonson says:

    Comment deleted

  139. capt.s ahmad says:

    let me know if u have the detail then why u don’t help them?.if you are serious in this matter give me the complete detail about these missing pakistani seafarers.i will release them withen 20 days.
    i want to know the identity of these 8 persons,please send me the photos as soon as passible i promise that the matter must be confidintional between us .

  140. jonson says:

    Comment deleted

  141. sulimanahmad says:

    oky,why not
    my personal email id as
    i am waiting for your reply,if you are true in your words and wants to help these innocents families please
    for the sake of huminity send me the complete detail of these 8 seafarers becoz being a sea capt i am too upset in this matter,

  142. Catherine says:

    Comment deleted

  143. Comment deleted

  144. Alberto says:

    No photos about Al Fares yet??


  145. Kevin says:

    Comment deleted

  146. Martin Atkinson says:

    Panama Maritime Authority has prepared a report on the MV Danny F II disaster but are waiting
    clearance from diplomats before it can be released.

  147. rose george says:

    I have also been in touch with Panama; their investigator has been avoiding answering questions for the last 6 weeks, but I have been told by someone at BIMCO, as Martin says, that a report has been done. I am trying to get a copy.

  148. George Barry says:

    Hello Amber,just saw your name,happy memories of working and sailing with you – gladdens an old mans heart – hope you havent lost your sense of humour!

  149. Neil Faneco says:

    Hi George,
    Pleased to hear you are doing well, Loretta & I often think of you & the better times in the past.
    Kind regards,

  150. George Barry says:

    The best thing about working for Fares was getting to know people like you and Loretta.Very happy memories!
    P.S. Were you aware that Nigel Pearson died a few weeks ago ?

  151. Neil Faneco says:

    Thank’s for the kind words, we frequently speak & think of you with fond memories.Had not heard of the sad passing of Nigel.Where do you reside these days?

  152. george barry says:

    Neil, Tks for your message,Ive spent the last 10 years in Bangor (NI),by the sea where I was brought up,within yards of my parents old house. I cant remember where you live,is it Marmion? anyway somewhere up in that area?? If you wish to contact me its georgebarry1@btinternet.com

  153. ali says:

    I.t.f we wants to justice open ayes and see the all situation becuse the missing families memmbers are so witing for his lovers missing crew becuse there have no meet full report of mv dannyfii kellers ship.i requst the panama govt please give the full details of the ship.this accident old for world but the missing crew faimilies are every day think this ship sink tody

  154. Ahmad says:

    Aleem dandel mv dannyfii the milion rupey take of for sicortiy i requst to aleem please return the mony for death and missing families becus there are small childern of the crew t

  155. Aqil says:

    I requst to the boss please you contcet to israel if there have pakistani crew this very good.i see the jhon wilems coments.becuse we are waiting for ship full report thanks

  156. Martin Atkinson says:

    All efforts to obtain access to the investigation report continue to be unsuccessful. The Flag State has
    the responsibility to investigate and produce a report. Apparently Panama Maritime Authority
    cannot be compelled to make its report publicly available. Panama does not respond to any requests
    for information on this matter. Several agencies have tried to obtain the report. I have been in contact
    with Nautilus International, International Transport Federation, International Maritime Organisation and
    the British Department of Trade. I believe that there is a problem between Panama as Flag State and
    Lebanon as Shore State which has delayed things.

  157. Martin Atkinson says:

    I have received through my Member of Parliament letters from the British Department for Transport
    and from Panama Maritime Authority. The Department for Transport and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have formally requested that the MV Danny F II report is produced without
    any further delay. The letter from Panama states that they fully intend to comply with their obligation
    to investigate and report on this disaster. The Panama letter is dated 31 July 2012 and explains
    some reasons for the long delay and their intent to produce it as soon as possible. With only 10
    days to go to the third anniversary it is about time that an official explanation for the disaster is

  158. aqil says:

    my name is aqil from pakistan my father are still missing since 17 dec 2009.we are waiting waiting waiting only waiting.way this world sailant for the mv dannyfii full report.Mr thomus please please give to us full information of the poor pakistani crew.there complet 3 year of the sink ship mv dannyfii
    rechard thomus i rqust to you give uctice to us.if here we have no meet juctice to after death there big court of God.his time we are clean hands we are come to the world clean hands and we are goning to the world clean hands.there have big chance please give to us full information because the missing families are so bad situation.i hope you give to us the missing crew full information.there have come to chrismas.we want to full information we are mad we are sleepy..

  159. ali says:

    I am ali from pakistan.my father are sitll missing since 17 dec 2009.today complet 3 years.but there have no meet the full information.i love you pa pa were are you come back we are so sleepy but but there are no meet your full infomation.how his your 15 frinds pa pa this world blind for you and your 15 missing frinds.

  160. 1.sailor says:

    3 years ago I was on Board of one of the ships which where at scene a few hours after the sunk of the Danny F II. We saved the live of 14 remembers and recovered the bodies of 6 sailors and brought they all to Tripoli LEB and handed they over to the Lebanese red cross. For me it is unbelievable that after 3 year some families are still in doubt about their beloved ones.
    Me and my comrads

  161. 1.sailor says:

    Me and my comrads created a memorial plate for all the sailors of the Danny F II who lost their lives and installed it in the Memorial Hall of the Monument for seafarers in Laboe Germany. My thoughts are with the Families!

  162. Martin Atkinson says:

    Although it now 3 years since the disaster I am sure that the bereaved families think about their
    lost loved ones every day. It is so disappointing that the full story of the disaster has still not been
    reported. The long delay has been a disservice to everyone affected by the disaster. For safety
    improvements to be implemented there must first be a published report with a list of
    recommendations. The high loss of life should have attracted more interest from the maritime
    industry and an urgency to investigate and improve crew safety. I offer my condolences to
    those affected by the disaster.

  163. Helen Kenyon (nee Milloy) says:

    It has been a long, sad 3years. The lack of interest from the shipping company and maritime authorities has been disheartening.
    My family would like to thank the sailors who have had a memorial plate installed in Laboe, Germany – this means so much to us…….thank you…..it has lifted our hearts on this sad day!
    My thoughts are with the families of those involved in this tragedy.

  164. ali says:

    Dear laboe germany thanks for your coments.please you send me your emsil address to my email shipsunkdannyfii@yahoo.com thanks

  165. 1.sailor says:

    I’ve found a article in the Assafina magazin issue no.5 from 2010 about the tragedy of Danny F II.
    It is in arabic but I think here we have some members with arabic language skills.




  166. I do not comment, but after reading through a ton of comments on this page Rachid Fares Enterprises WWW.
    UGLYSHIPS.COM. I actually do have a couple of questions
    for you if it’s okay. Could it be just me or does it appear like a few of the responses look like they are coming from brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you are writing at other social sites, I’d like to
    keep up with you. Could you list of every one of your social community sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page
    or linkedin profile?

  167. Martin Atkinson says:

    I received a letter from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office regarding their
    contact with Panama Maritime Authority. The investigation report is expected to be
    published in January 2013.

  168. Mary G says:

    Is there any further update from the FCO regarding when this report will be published?

  169. aqil says:

    When show the dannyfii full information.we are so waiting.the missing crew families so sleepy.please
    Show reoprt thanks

  170. Martin Atkinson says:

    As yet still no sign of the investigation report. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office
    have pledged to keep petitioning Panama until the report is released. There is an article in
    February 2013 issue of Telegraph on a petition to the International Maritime Organisation by
    the trade union Nautilus International and the International Transport Federation. Go to

  171. ali says:


    Israel Assisted in Capsized Ship Rescue


    by Jad Aoun

    Remember the Danny F II, the ship carrying livestock form the Ukraine to Tartous in Syria that sank off the coast of Tripoli in December? Well apparently, other than UNFIL, the Lebanese Navy and the British Army (stationed in Cyprus), Israel also took part in the rescue mission:

    Ukraine’s ambassador to Israel and its military attache thanked Israel this week for the December 12th rescue of sailors from a merchant ship that sank off the coast of Lebanon.

    Well, the Israel National News website got it wrong. The ship went down on December 17th and not on the 12th. Don’t worry, its not the first time the INN errs. February last year, they had an article on Lebanon’s former president, Emile Lahore.

    Danny F II: The crew was rescued by UNFIl, Lebanese and UK forces, and apparently, Israel.

    Share this:

    Google +1

  172. Martin Atkinson says:

    I recently received letters from the British Marine Accident Investigation Branch and
    the Americas Directorate of the British Foreign Office. The MAIB have contacted Panama
    who state that they require 2 more months to finalise the MV Danny FII report. The MAIB
    has registered the U.K. as a ‘substantially interested state’ which will ensure that a copy
    of the report goes to the United Kingdom. The British Embassy in Panama continue to
    pursue matters with Panama Maritime Authority.

  173. ali says:

    we don,t understand.when come new Information of the killer ship mv fraud 2.i thinking about mv dannyfii.i will send a latter of germany rescue team.they are told me we are save many crew in the ship.but we are asked to the save crew.but they dont understand english.he told me i dont understand where the missing crew.

  174. Martin Atkinson says:

    The Mv Danny F II investigation report has been recorded as received by the I.M.O. on their website
    GISIS : Marine Casualties and Incidents. Date submitted was July 17. Unfortunately the website
    states ” reports which have not been released to the public by the reporting Administration are not
    available for download”.

    After more than 44 months the explanation for the disaster is long overdue and Panama should allow
    full disclosure.

  175. Helen Kenyon (nee Milloy) says:

    In loving memory of my brother Captain John Milloy. Remembering also all others who lost their lives 4 years ago today…..always in our thoughts.

  176. Peter Coleman-Wilson says:

    The wonderful memories accrued over the years of sailing with them can not be taken away.

  177. ali says:

    today the life of pakistani crew nothing life.we are so waiting for for full information .but this world blind for us.i i think there have no union of pakistani seafears.there have much shipping company wants to much money for ship job.i requst to to mr rechard plz give to job for your new shipto us thx

  178. ali says:

    Hello rechard.you broken heart pakistani

  179. Martin Atkinson says:

    There is still no public access to the full investigation report C0007551 on I.M.O. website
    Marine Casualties and Incidents. However there is a brief analysis report that can be read.

  180. ali says:

    Five year ago but our lovers we are miss.i am don’t understand where 16 missing crew.?

  181. Helen Kenyon (Captain John's sister) says:

    Hi Ali. It’s been a difficult 5 years. We will never know what truly happened that day. Much love to you and all families who have lost a loved one in this terrible tragedy.

  182. ali says:

    Hallo Helen Kenyon most respectfully I have read you comment. I am so gald.11 November 2014 I have saw the news the 16 pakistani live in Israel but we want information. Plz you contact with me I want to send you this new thx

  183. Adnan khan says:

    Rachid Fares Enterprises.

    Subject : application for the job in place of cousin’s job.

    i have done five ships and i have two years experience at the rank oiler. let me mention you about my cousin who used to work at the rank of SSII (stockman) in your company ship. the ship’s name was ship cattle “DANNY F-II” unfortunately the ship capsized and sank off owing to stormy sea near lebanon on 17th december 2009. he died due to ship accident. his name was SAJJAD ALI and his father name is ABDUL MUTALIB. he was the only son of his father and now his father is too old to work for him and his wife’s livelihood. now there is no one in his home for working. therefore i kindly request you to get me a job in your company ship with his consent and i am the only person for him and his wife’s to support.
    i will be thankful for this favour.

    Adnan khan

  184. SeaBart says:

    I’m very sorry for your situation and I feel for your loss but this is not a job-searching site, nor is this affiliated to Richard Fares Enterprises at any way.

    I”m afraid that posting here isn’t going to help you get a job so I’d advice you to contact Richard Fares Enterprises directly, or via any other way.

    Good luck in your endeavours.

  185. Adnan khan says:

    sir could you please tell me email or website actually i do not know how to contact with relevant company so that i may be able to contact.

  186. SeaBart says:

    Neither do I but Google will find everything, if it exists.

    Otherwise try the various crewing agencies in your & other countries, I’m sure they are able to find you a job.

  187. Adnan khan says:

    i want your company cattle ship nada please give me job

  188. Peter Coleman-Wilson says:

    Hello Gentlemen,

    For your information Rachid Fares Enterprises no longer exists.
    The Danny F11 was taken over by another company many years ago and this company no longer exists.
    The M.V. Nada is owned by yet another company and if you are looking for work you must apply to your employment agency in Karachi.

    Good luck.
    Peter Coleman-Wilson.

  189. ali says:

    Dear Adnan I feeling this so sorry.i am also so try for job.i am also miss my sweet father.my my father was still missing.i think the finished human rights in this world.but i had search missing 16 pakistani and i
    hope we are successful of this mission in insha Allah

  190. Adnan khan says:

    hello ali
    i am sorry for this i think we are in the same boat. ali, can you tell where are you from in pakistan?

  191. Adnan khan says:

    hello Peter Coleman-Wilson,
    you said to me that “The M.V. Nada is owned by yet another company” can you tell me email or website of this company. so that i may be able to send my CV to that company. i will be thankful to you.

  192. Peter Coleman-Wilson says:

    Hello Adnan Khan

    You must go through Mc Kinnons in Pakistan if they still exist.
    Sorry I can’t help you further.
    Good luck.

  193. ali says:

    Today I am so upset. Because memory about mv dannfii.my dear rechard plz you feel our situation.i want to you full information. Please you understand my feelings. I love you my sweet father.my father was one dream he want to be make me ship officer.but I have no meet chance.i have 4 years studying about sship.i want to chance job on ship.😭

  194. adnan khan says:

    hello Ali,

    our issues about the job is same. and we both are in search of a job. there is just left a flash of hope for us. and we have been waiting for someone’s help for a long time.

  195. ali says:

    Dear Rechard. I want your email address. Can you give me your email address. My email address shipsunkdannyfii@yahoo.com.
    Your faithful Ali

  196. ali says:

    Hallo dear sir.i want to you your email address. PLZ give me your email.i want contact with you thx.
    Your faithful ali

  197. John ( Chopper) Darling my thoughts of the tragedy of The DannyFII are always with those concerned. My email is john.darling@windowslive.com says:

    My thoughts are always with the crew of The Danny FII. My email is john.darling@ windowslive.com

  198. Angelito J. Felizardo says:

    Sad to learn the sinking of danny f ll , condolence to the family of all the sailors who died in this tragedy. I am Angelito J.Felizardo one of the filipino 2nd engineer of danny f ll, regards to: capt barry, capt. philips, capt.thomas, c/m lindsay, c/e peter coleman wilson, c/e jhun bhagat, sorry not to mention the ohers coz i forget thier names. godbless us all.

  199. Ali says:

    Aziz says govt trying to verify reports regarding presence of 16 Pakistanis in Israeli jails. PHOTO: FILE
    Aziz says govt trying to verify reports regarding presence of 16 Pakistanis in Israeli jails. PHOTO: FILE
    The government informed the upper house of parliament on Tuesday that it has made indirect diplomatic contacts with Israel to find out the whereabouts of 16 Pakistanis who are reportedly languishing in Israeli prisons.

    Responding to a calling attention notice of Awami National Party Senator Shahi Syed, Prime Minister’s Adviser on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz said the Pakistanis had gone missing in 2009 when a merchant vessel, MV Danny FII carrying 83 passengers and crew, capsized in the Red Sea.

    Aziz said the government was utilising indirect ways through the embassies of the United States and Jordan to verify the reported presence of these Pakistani nationals in Israeli jails and was trying to ensure their release.

    “It is a serious human rights issue,” he said, adding that Islamabad was making efforts through indirect sources as it has no diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv.

    However, he said it has not yet been confirmed that these missing Pakistanis were in Israel. “Israeli authorities have not yet responded [to Pakistan’s queries] over the issue,” he added.

    Published in The Express Tribune, May 20th, 2015.

  200. ali says:

    6 year a go we arw missing our lover.there are complete 6 year but I am also miss my sweet father.i am heart full with missing family

  201. Helen Kenyon John says:

    Such a sad time for families who lost a loved one. In my opinion we will never know what truly happened that day but I do know those who died will always remain in our hearts and never be forgotten by the people who love them. My thoughts as always are with the families involved.

  202. Helen Kenyon (Captain John Milloy's sister) says:

    Above comment posted by Helen Kenyon – sister of Captain John Milloy……much loved and missed xx

  203. Arthur says:

    I remember the word coming through that fateful night 6 years ago I lost a good school pal and friend Captain John Milloy my thoughts go out to all the families that lost loved ones on that night 6 years ago. Ive just poured an ice cold cider John cheers old pal xx

  204. AB jerrylito bautista says:

    So sad to know just now that the vessel MV danny f II was sunk,I still remember my Filipino crew, deck officer especially capt john Milloy and c/o Lindsay,they are the officer that love so much the Filipino and Pakistani crew, AB Bautista last sign off in danny f 11, Aug 2004 in batam Indonesia, drydock

  205. AB jerrylito bautista says:

    Sorry , I forgot to mention also my c/o mark rickbay in danny f 11,how r u sir?

  206. Mark Rickaby says:

    Hello Jerry, I remember the day you left the Danny F2 at the Pan United Shipyard, 12 years ago… Hard to believe. I hope your injuries have healed completely?

    You are right with your comment above that there was a ‘love’ (additionally a respect & and understanding in my opinion) between all of the nationalities that worked onboard, irrespective of rank and/or position held onboard. The fact that so many of us kept coming back to the Danny F2 contact after contract, year after year in my view, speaks volumes…..

    I will not pretend that I can understand the loss, sadness and emotions of the immediate families of those lost on the Danny F2, but so many of us have lost good friends too.

    My line of work nowadays has me inspecting vessels and offshore rigs. On many an occasion I am required to attend the old Pan United Shipyard and on each occasion I always make a point of looking over at the floating dry dock that we occupied for so many months on the Danny F2 and reflect on the happier times we had there.

    Jerry, I wish you and your family all the best.
    My thoughts and best wishes go to the families and the shipmates involved with the Danny F2.

  207. Patricia Barry says:

    I must dig out some pictures of these ships and crew.
    Anyone wanting to contact Capt George Barry jackanina@aol.com

  208. Ali says:

    Hi Dear father I miss you today complete 7 year but I miss the ship all crew members

  209. Helen Kenyon says:

    In loving memory of my brother Captain John Milloy and all who died 7 years ago today. Those we love live with us forever xxxx

  210. My thoughts are with all the Families of those exceptional Shipmates who perished that terrible day seven years ago.

  211. Ali says:

    I love u papa I miss you I don’t know where are you.16 crew still missing

  212. ali says:

    I miss you my sweet father.my prayer to all members

  213. Helen Kenyon (Capt John Milloy's sister) says:

    Difficult to believe it’s been 8 years. So many lives changed forever.
    If anyone from Laboe reads this, would it be possible to send a photograph of the
    Memorial plate in memory of the sailors on Danny F11 (please see previous posting by ‘sailor’
    17th December 2012). My Mum would very much like to see this plaque.
    Love to all affected.

  214. 1.sailor says:

    Hello Helen,

    under the following link you can find two Pictures of the memorial plate for DANNY FII:


    And here is short report from AP:

    best regards


  215. Helen Kenyon (Capt John Milloy's sister) says:

    Thank you so much for sending the pictures of the memorial plate which means so much to us. It is comforting to know people care and that those who died will be remembered. I am sure it was a horrific experience for those who took part in the rescue and want you to know we are forever grateful.
    Best wishes to you Sailor and thank you again

  216. 1.sailor says:

    Again another year is over and the victims of this tragedy are still unforgotten and I send the best wishes for the relatives.


  217. Helen Kenyon (Capt. John Milloy's sister) says:

    Those we love don’t go away
    They walk beside us everyday
    Unseen, unheard but always near
    So loved, so missed and very dear.

    Love to all affected by this tragedy and always grateful to the people involved with the rescue attempt.

  218. Arthur crossan says:

    Another year flies in and we mourn the passing of Captain John Milloy and the crew on the Danny F2 who never survived that terrible night.
    I will raise a few ciders to Captain John Milloy who was a very good friend of mine since we were 5 year olds starting school together (1964), right through secondary school and met up and kept in touch right up until this tragedy happened.
    To the Captain and crew rest in peace xx

  219. Ali says:

    I miss you my sweet father.tody I am so upset

  220. Ali says:

    I miss you my father my heart go on when you come to home so lang time i don’t saw you where are you plz come come …..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😥😥😥😌

  221. Arto Crossan says:


  222. Helen Kenyon (nee Milloy] says:

    10 years…feels like yesterday.
    You are much loved and missed John
    xxxxx 😘

  223. Helen Kenyon (nee Milloy) says:

    We will never forget this horrific tragedy and the loss of many loved ones. Thinking of everyone involved. X

  224. Kathleen Baaker says:

    Love to all those that remember their loved ones today, they are always in our hearts. Raise a glass to our great men x

  225. Neil Faneco says:

    Fond memories of a great person lost in the tragedy.
    Best wishes Kathleen for a merry Xmas.

  226. Helen Kenyon says:

    Always in our thoughts, never forgotten.

  227. Martin Hayward says:

    Always remember you this time of the year. Time passes but it only seems like yesterday we sailed together. RIP Captain John.

  228. helenkenyon says:

    Thank you Martin. It’s always comforting to know John is being thought of. Much love to all affected by this tragedy. Our memories will last forever.

  229. Arthur crossan says:

    Another year has passed John, and your never far for my thoughts.
    Jim,Michael,Stalker,myself raised a glass to your memory in the summer just passed there,talking about old schooldays, sea cadets,Hogmanay,fitba down Hillside etc etc you would have enjoyed the craic.

  230. helenkenyon says:

    He certainly would have Arthur…. Good days! He had and still has excellent friends… thank you!

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