Henry P. Lading

Posted: 5 October, 2011 by SeaBart in special, ugly
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Picture by Marcel & Ruud Coster via http://www.shipspotting.com

Henry P. Lading

IMO : 8646484

Built : 1930 by Palmers’ SB. & Iron Co., Ltd. – Newcastle in the U.K., nr 1000 as Peter Hurll (tanker)

Converted : 1963 (bow only, rest of the vessel was scrapped) by ??? – Aarhus in Denmark

This must be the oldest still active vessel that will be featured here on Uglyships.com, the hull was basically build in 1930 as part of the tanker Peter Hurrl, as seen on the pic below.

Unknown source via http://www.aukevisser.nl

In 1963 the ex-Peter Hurll, then named Esso Kobenhavn was send to the scrapyard after 33 years of service, including surviving WWII. Only her bow was saved and sold to Det Store Nordiske Telegraf-Selskab A/S, Copenhagen who rebuild that part of the hull into a cablelayer.

And as such she still survives in working condition today. and in that disguise she is the victim of our attention because she sure aint pretty.

Picture by Jukka Koskimies via http://www.shipspotting.com

But as my parents have taught me to have respect for the elderly I will not slaughter her, I will just show the pictures and let them tell the story.

Picture by Jukka Koskimies via http://www.shipspotting.com

Picture by Rico Voss via http://www.shipspotting.com

Picture by Arne Luetkenhorst via http://www.shipspotting.com

So what do you think, should she be retired completely by now?

  1. Jørgen Kamp says:

    Beeing a crew member on the Henry P. Lading I must protest on her behalf on beeing called ugly. This is an insult to an old lady. We the crew is a bit more polite because we say she is the one and only ship in the world looking like this, but she is still going strong and are at present doing cable work in the Wash in the UK.

    Yours sincerely

    Joergen Kamp, ab C/B Henry P. Lading

  2. FOYEN says:

    Ugly ships look complete. This one is just a mess.

  3. She is berthed in Immingham Dock over Christmas.

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