Titan Uranus

Posted: 23 July, 2010 by SeaBart in special
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Dunno source, via Stuart C.

Titan Uranus

IMO : 9000895

Build : 1992 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kobe in Japan, nr ?? as Diamond Echo

Stuart C. send me a picture after he read the Funny Names-post. I almost spit my tea over my laptop screen when I saw it, see the above pic. What were the ship owners thinking when they named this vessel?? OR: did they really have such a dirty mind and named her so on purpose, in which case it’s a really good joke!

If you don’t get it immediately: say it out loud! or read this spoiler.

Anyway: the ship became an instant hit around the Interwebs (some people actually called it a hoax) but apparently the owners found out what had been done and that they were the laughing stock of the Internet so after a good 2 years (apr 2004 – aug 2006) they changed the name to Titan Taurus.

So, No: it’s not a hoax, she really existed but got renamed. Actually she got rebuild as a bulk carrier and is now called K.Cosmos.

  1. Steve R says:

    Didn’t so much get rebuilt, as the original vessel was scrapped and another one (the bulk carrier) took the name.

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