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IMO : 7326893

Build : 1973 by Hitachi Shipbuilding – Osaka in Japan, nr ?? as Lynda (oiltanker)

Converted : 1982 by ??

We have seen this ship here before, briefly though, in this post together with some of her friends. In that post I mention the fact that she is probably broken up…well: hate to dissapoint you but she is not.

Last night Carrie commented on above post and send me some pictures to prove her point, her story :

Here is the elusive cattle carrier Almawashi.  She was sighted at the port of Montevideo Uruguay on January 2, 2010.  The full load here showed no sign of disembarking so I guess local restaurateurs come aboard and select their own cattle?  These shots were taken from the 11th deck of the very silly looking Norwegian Sun which, unbelievably, docked adjacent to the Almawashi.  This was towards the end of our cruise from Santiago and we were all feeling not too dissimilar than the penned livestock.  Fortunately we were not downwind.

And her pics:

Picture by Carrie Scoville

Picture by Carrie Scoville

Picture by Carrie Scoville

Looks cosy!!

This is the ‘very silly looking’ ship Carrie was cruising on : Norwegian Sun (IMO : 9218131)

And you know what: we have discussed her colleagues as well here, in this post.

So conclusion :  2 ugly ships docked in the same port, under not dissimilar circumstances…pretty Awesome! The only thing I wonder about: Why was the Almawashi in port without “passengers” going on or off?? Were their visas not correct? Were the sight-seeing tours cancelled?? Or were the cows so blase after their worldcruise that they didn’t want to go ashore anymore?

I guess it will remain a mystery as probably none of them will be return-customers.

Carrie: Thanks a lot! And I guess you should be very grateful that you were downwind of her on that day in Montevideo.


  1. maja says:

    Isn’t the Almawashi the new sister ship for the Norwegian Epic?

  2. jojo isler says:

    no.almawashi is owned by hijazi & ghosheh group

  3. sulky says:

    sorry to disappoint but she was here in gib on june 11th 2012

  4. BigShot says:

    Strange looking ship just seen it in Las Palmas anchorage Gran Canaria 14th Aug 2015, although it has now just departed . The ship looks a right old state, not well maintained. Couldn’t see any cattle on-board but its next destination is Mersin Turkey eta 25th Aug 2015.

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